Monsoon magic!

Monsoon is my favorite season. I love everything about it. I love waking up to the sound of rain, allowing the raindrops to make love to my skin, sipping hot tea while watching colorful umbrellas dancing on wet streets. I love the monsoon magic. Some people love rain only from a distance while some run outdoors as soon as the first raindrop falls from the … Continue reading Monsoon magic!

THE Dream!

It is a beautiful rainy day. The tiny bookstore is filled with people wearing bright smiles holding books and coffee mugs in their hands. In the middle of everything is a girl with the brightest smile. There is a pile of books on her table. She has two mugs of coffee not one because she is absolutely addicted to caffeine. Today is her day. The … Continue reading THE Dream!


Just two days till I can finally say I’m nineteen. I finally battled all the demons and made some of the best memories that my teenage years had in line for me. I have more 365 days to do be a rebel or act like a stubborn teenager but I think deep down I know it’s time to step into the real world. I have … Continue reading NINETEEN!