Kiran Manral’s ‘Missing, Presumed Dead’.

I had met Kiran Manral years ago at Just Books Library. I was attending a talk about her book ‘A face at the window’. Today I am writing about her recently published ‘Missing, Presumed dead. How the time flies! And our beloved author makes the most of every second.  I have always been inspired by her and I someday hope to write as effortlessly as … Continue reading Kiran Manral’s ‘Missing, Presumed Dead’.

Baking workshop by Esha Fernandes

I have a baker’s soul. The flour on my apron, milkmaid spilling into the bowl like a waterfall of sweetness, vanilla essence traveling from the kitchen into the living room tickling my family and making them giggle with happiness, and the batter on the spatula waiting to be licked. I recently went for a baking workshop conducted by Esha Fernandes.  I need to step out … Continue reading Baking workshop by Esha Fernandes


If you see me now, I look different. My hair is shorter, clothes fancier, and I have started wearing red lipstick. People tell me I look different. Little do they know, I feel different. I feel beautiful for the first time in my life. I feel like the sun rays are hiding between my lips, the storm is sleeping in my eyes giving them a … Continue reading Woman.

Goodbye, 2017.

Tomorrow another year will end and another list of resolutions will be made. This time I’m more keen on saying a proper goodbye to 2017 before I allow the hustle bustle of a new year to arrive. Endings: they teach and remind us so many things. This year was full of challenges and between all these challenges, a young girl was growing. Yes, I was … Continue reading Goodbye, 2017.