Maybe life is more than just a rat race. Career and money do matter but no amount of gold collected in our lifetime can make our graves bigger or extravagant. They say your entire life flashes in front of your eyes before you die. In those golden seconds, you watch a movie called Life. In this movie you can either play the role of a hero or of a victim. I hope you play the role of a hero,my friend. I really do. Life is that Sunday morning jog with your father where your feet are ready for anything but a strenuous workout. Long conversations with a friend which teleport you to a world where cell phones didn’t exist,where people actually made real conversations. Dancing, singing ,reading and completely getting lost in all those things that make your heart whisper,’Holy Moly I indeed feel alive!’ The 2 am drive just for an ice cream, tickling your friend and watching their cheeks turn pink with joy. Life is planning a surprise for your mother even though you have a meeting the next day, helping your brother with his homework and cuddling with your dog. Our soul is like a treasure chest and life is the island where we come across precious treasures. Happiness,love,peace,companionship,warmth,laughter…the list of treasures is endless. Victory and success matter too but they are not everything. Next time when you meet a friend, try asking them about their life and their dreams instead of just using your phone,go out with your sister and have the time of your life without worrying about homework, play with your pet instead of just giving them food and rushing out the door. Someday we’ll all die. Death is evident, we can’t escape it. But we can live a life so beautiful that when we finally reach the doorstep of death, instead of running away, we embrace it for we have played our part well. Life is all the wonderful little things. Life is this very moment. I hope you live a life full of adventures,stories and magic!

One thought on “LIFE.

  1. Omgggggg. It was awesomešŸ˜» each and every line had such a great meaningā¤ Can’t wait for your next post.


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