Do we live in reality?

Hello,reader. You are either reading this blog on your laptop or your cell phone,some of you are not even reading,you are busy liking your best friend’s selfie while this post feels like a neglected child. Today we think less, we scroll more. Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Tumblr .. aah it feels as if I’m calling out your schedule for the day,doesn’t it? I am as guilty as you and I am as addicted to Instagram as any other 17 year old. But aren’t we forgetting that a real world exists too,that maybe a visual world is dragging us away from the magic of reality. You,yes you, when was the last time you ate something without taking a picture of it? Forever 21 dresses CANNOT be bought unless you post your selfie in that beautiful dress while standing in front of the changing room mirror. You had a sleepover without Snapchatting all the cool things you did? You probably lied about the sleepover.  We live in a  world where people don’t admire sunsets, where people would rather watch a cool thing on YouTube  than with their own two eyes, where life begins and ends on Facebook. I, myself am completely and irrevocably in love with social media but I do know that ten years down the lane, I want to tell stories about adventures that made my insides tingle with joy, about the crazy people I met, about the memories that make my eyes water as if they long for that moment when my soul was as light as feather. I don’t want to tell them about the cute guy who liked my selfies or the wonderful pictures I posted of my new dress. Technology is a boon, it really is. But it doesn’t take much time for a boon to become a bane. Life is meant to be lived. Of course we should spend time on social media. You like posting about things? Go ahead. I don’t want this post to be about how social media is bad for us. Instead all I wish is that while we post pictures about the cool things, we actually take a minute to live that moment. Maybe we should start living in reality while keeping in touch with social media. Reality and social media can go hand in hand,but we must know the limit.

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