‘DEPRESSION’. This ten lettered world is never said aloud. It reminds me of Lord Voldemort, how everyone fears saying his name aloud. Depression is real. For all those people who laugh at the idea of a mental illness, it is very likely that a family member or one of your friends are suffering from it. Depression is not mere sadness, sadness is temporary and depression … Continue reading DEPRESSION


We humans, tend to live in the past. We grieve over past mistakes and problems. If you live in the past, then you aren’t actually living at all. You failed 6th grade? How does it matter now? Your girlfriend/boyfriend broke your heart? Is being sad going to make it okay? Life is nothing less than a huge wonderful novel. Once you read page 1 of … Continue reading PAST.

A writer.

Since I was a little girl, I  knew that I wanted to write. I had a diary in which I would record my day’s events, most of it including watching cartoons and the others were about my love, my sister. Writing to me is the only way I can make sense of the chaos in my heart, to me writing is equivalent to freedom. As … Continue reading A writer.


Dear Reader, It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, where you stay or what you look like, all I know is that you are a human, a wonderful human who carries magic in his/her heart. Love for me has always been equivalent to magic. I being a teenager, have seen different shades of love and well to be honest, I still don’t know … Continue reading Love