Dear Reader,

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, where you stay or what you look like, all I know is that you are a human, a wonderful human who carries magic in his/her heart. Love for me has always been equivalent to magic. I being a teenager, have seen different shades of love and well to be honest, I still don’t know what true passionate love is. For some people, love is publicity. Your boyfriend got cupcakes for you, didn’t he? How do I know? I saw your Instagram post, of course. Some humans show love in the physical form. You must have surely been for a morning walk sometime in your life and while you were burning away yesterday’s pizza, your eyes must have fallen on the lovebirds who hold each others hand as if they are making sure that their lover doesn’t run away. Every human has a different way of expressing love. But today when I look around, I don’t see love instead I see people who are in love with the idea of love. As I wrote earlier, every human shows love in a different way and thus has a different notion of love. I, being the writer, am definitely going to express my ideas on this beautiful wonderful thing called love. We writers always interrupt your daily life, age old beliefs with our ramblings don’t we? Coming back to the topic ( I tend to ramble a bit), love to me is magic, a feeling that makes your soul dance, laugh, giggle, jump with joy and at the same time , it transforms you into a better and much happier and warmer soul. Since I was a little girl, I have always imagined that someday a prince charming would come and he would whisk me away.  I am 17 and yet I am still confident that someday I’ll meet him. Love is going on simple coffee dates and telling them about your long day, it is dancing with them in the kitchen while the cake gets burnt in the oven, it is stealing his sweatshirt and wearing it to sleep each night, short road trips where you decide that you are going to be the couple who travels the world. Love is the simple things that make your soul warm and your smile brighter. You can’t expect a love which is perfect. Love is messy, sometimes extremely chaotic but well I always knew that I  wasn’t the girl who wanted the easy love, I want a love story about which  I can write a bestseller, the kind that makes people believe in this wonderful concept again. Today, I am not in love with anyone and I don’t think that I’ll be any time soon but I will always keep dreaming that someday I will bump into an amazing person and my soul will scream on top of it’s voice’ The unknown boy who lived in your diary for so many years has come, oh he has finally come’.

2 thoughts on “Love

  1. ek ehsas hai ise roooh se mahsoos karo..bahut khoob kaha aapne there are so may shades of se milta hai to jeevan ghol deta hai.. pita se mila pyar aadarsh bana deta hai..gar mehboob se ho jaye.. to dilo dimga me chaa jata hai.. kyun ki waqt aisa aata hai jab pyar aur isq ka sach matlab samjh aata hai.. pyar mausam se ho jata hai.. pyar dariya se kabhi samadnar ki lahron se ho jata hai.. kabhi chut gaye dostoon ki yadon se ho jata hai.. aur koi aisa hota hai jo sath me hota hai to mehsoos nahi hota aur door chala jaye to aisa lagta hai kise ne tati hui ret me akel achood diya hu..aur kabhi aisa lagta hai jaise hamare sar ke neeche ki god gayab ho gayi…bahut kuch hai pyara aur pyar me bahut kuch hai.. kitna liho sab kam padta hai.. pyar hai hi aisi cheej.. ab dikhiye na.. Agar Ma (Mother) likh de to aisa lagta hai sara yar yanhi ik shabd me mil jaata hai….beautifull thouhts and beautiful writing friend..


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