Train journey

I don’t usually travel through trains, in fact yesterday I went in a train after an entire year.  As soon as I reached the station, I was welcomed  with a push by a stranger. My best friend and I hurriedly took two tickets and rushed towards the platform where our train was supposed to arrive. While running I tried to grasp in some of the information she was hurriedly telling me like number of stations between Thane and Sion and how I would be pushed and jostled by the women who apparently ran  as if the train would take them to Narnia. Well sadly the same happened but luckily we got in. Chips, bangles, rings, toys… it was as if we had a little market in the train itself. As one by one the names of various stations were called out, I quickly tried to fit the sequence of the stations in my brain but I failed miserably. Some women were busy reading a book or listening to music, some were chatting away so loudly as if they wanted the world to know about their kid’s exam time table, some were lost in the world outside the half opened window and  I was trying to grasp in every little detail I could as well as hiding my face from my friend’s Snapchat camera. When Thane was called out , we quickly got up and squeezed out stomach’s inside as we made our way to the door through the many women. The Sion station was as confusing  to me as the Thane station and I was astonished at how people could remember the various ways, the different station and many other things that would take me a lifetime to memorize. (I am very bad at remembering directions). We met with a friend and for the first time I tasted a delicacy known as Aloo Puri. It was yummy but not as mouthwatering as my favorite Pani Puri. We walked towards a cafe and happily spent the afternoon by chatting about the most bizarre things while our taste buds relished the yummy pasta and desserts.  The afternoon ended with some nice pictures( by some I mean many) which are obviously uploaded on Snapchat and Instagram. As we walked back towards the Sion station our chatter subsided and we began worrying about the silliest things which I feel like laughing upon now. My friend was going to drop me to the thane station where I would catch a bus back to my place and she would rush back to catch a train to her relative’s place. I am a 17 year old who has never  travelled in a bus alone. As shocking as it seems, it’s true. If I wasn’t able to catch a bus I would be left with no option but to take a rickshaw and well I really am clueless about the way from Thane station to my place. We actually panicked about this for entire forty minutes and she being  my best friend actually stood with me in the line and hoped that the bus would come withing a few minutes. Our prayers were answered as one of the conductors said the bus would arrive in 10-15 minutes. I told her to leave as she had to catch a train and it was getting late. She looked as worried as me but I told her I would be absolutely fine. I am about to be 18, of course I could travel alone. I repeated this over and over and kept talking with her and my mother, thanks to WhatsApp. I felt like a 7 year old who was lost in the market and was unable to find her mother. 20 minutes passed and I finally caught a bus and I realized that my fear was silly and there was nothing too scary about travelling alone. When I finally reached home, I was welcome by my mom and a phone call from my best friend. That’s when I realized I was so lucky to have people who care so much about me. My sister is one of those people who love train journeys and I understood why. Even though I was super tired and I actually have a sprained ankle right now but I learnt so many things in just one day and actually had an amazing time. I look forward to many more train journeys and many more wonderful memories but fewer sprained ankles.

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