A writer.

Since I was a little girl, I  knew that I wanted to write. I had a diary in which I would record my day’s events, most of it including watching cartoons and the others were about my love, my sister. Writing to me is the only way I can make sense of the chaos in my heart, to me writing is equivalent to freedom. As soon as my thoughts turn into written words, my soul feels calm and happy. It was as if my soul knew all along that I was born to write. I get bored easily, my mind is always thinking of new and better things but the one thing I never got bored of was writing. I can spend an entire day, imagining stories and characters. I love fiction writing, as it makes me use my imagination, my creativity. Creating something new is like creating magic. When I come up with new stories, new ideas, I know that I have added something to the world of words. Writing is something I consider as a blessing. A normal human looks at the dark clouds and thinks it’s going to rain. But a writer can write a 500 words story on those dark clouds. Being a writer makes me a part of the world of imaginary characters and magical beings. I knew that I wanted to write, to give something back to the world. Life is too short to let go of our dreams, isn’t it? So here I am, pursuing  my dream of becoming an author. In a world of doctors, engineers and lawyers, I want to become a writer. It isn’t what most people opt for but when you are passionate about something, you most chase that thing with all your heart. I have made this blog to express my views, my thoughts and to do what I always wanted to do.. write for all the wonderful readers who breathe words just like me. It’s my dream to become a writer and I hope it comes true, oh how I hope it comes true.

4 thoughts on “A writer.

  1. It is not very easy to write words which make people happy and make them forget their hectic lives for some minutes.
    Thank you for writing and please always keep writing.


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