We humans, tend to live in the past. We grieve over past mistakes and problems. If you live in the past, then you aren’t actually living at all. You failed 6th grade? How does it matter now? Your girlfriend/boyfriend broke your heart? Is being sad going to make it okay? Life is nothing less than a huge wonderful novel. Once you read page 1 of a novel, do you keep re-reading it? No? You jump to the next page and read with gleaming eyes, the secrets buried in the words. It doesn’t matter if your past was horrid or if it was filled with belly laughs and glamour.Those days are gone. Some people catch a train each morning to reach their destinations. Instead of looking at the world outside, they travel back in time, and with moist eyes think of their old days. But while they are thinking of their prom or about their old friends, they simply overlook the beautiful red rose, screaming for attention. The very reason why ‘present’ is called ‘present’ is because it is nothing less than a present. It comes with new dreams and hope and makes you want to start again. A new day is God’s way of telling that he is giving us another chance. And what do we do? We simply brood over the past. The past, my friend, is gone and no matter how you much you scream or cry, it will never return. A new day is a new chance to make new memories, write new stories and add more treasures to your soul.Don’t let your past hold you back from living in the present.

Live in the moment. Because if you don’t live in the moment, are you living at all?




One thought on “PAST.

  1. “”A new day is God’s way of telling us, there is still a chance””

    Your blog makes my day.

    Thank you


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