‘DEPRESSION’. This ten lettered world is never said aloud. It reminds me of Lord Voldemort, how everyone fears saying his name aloud. Depression is real. For all those people who laugh at the idea of a mental illness, it is very likely that a family member or one of your friends are suffering from it. Depression is not mere sadness, sadness is temporary and depression is as stubborn as the fat on your belly. This disease can affect anyone, it is like darkness crops over the beautiful sunny skies. Unlike sadness, depression steals all your emotions and feelings. It is as if you are immune to all the pain yet the pain is too much to handle.In our society, a mental illness is considered as an embarassment. You are told to ‘stop being sad’ . If you fracture your leg, do you not rush to the doctor? If you have cold, you immediately start looking for medications. Isn’t depression a disease too? Then why are people so hesitant to seek for help? Some people battle depression but wear a bright smile in front of people. A mental illness is nothing to be embarassed about. Just like your body gets tired, gets sick, your soul too gets sick too. It is time to acknowledge depression as a disease. Only those who suffer from it know how hard it is to battle depression. The next time you feel that one of your friends or anyone you know has been acting different or feeling too low, go and talk to them. Don’t ask them if they are depressed. Just talk to them normally but let them know that they aren’t alone. A depressed person’s soul is like the night sky, their demons are too strong. Be a ray of light for them. And if you are suffering from this mental illness, then don’t be ashamed. Talk to your loved ones, they will always help you. There are various helplines too. It is time for society to treat depression just like the other diseases.

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