Skirts and shorts.

Yes, I wear skirts and shorts. I am also aware about the glances and stares I receive when I walk on the streets in a mini skirt. To be honest, I have never felt that wearing short clothes is wrong and thankfully my parents have never stopped me from wearing shorts. In our culture, a girl who wears salwar kameez has manners but a girl who wears short clothes lacks simple etiquette and manners. If a boy is allowed to wear a pair of shorts, why are girls denied the right to wear what they want? Even after reaching the 21st century, our minds still seem to be lost in the earlier centuries. What is so wrong in showing your legs or your arms? The glances, the stares, the silly comments.. are we still living in a world where men can roam naked but women have to be covered from head to toe? Parents stop their daughters from wearing one pieces and tank tops. But are they teaching their sons to not stare or whistle at girls. In our society, a rapist is not a criminal but the girl with short clothes who apparently ‘excited’ him is wrong! Some girls are not allowed to wear skirts, their parents are concerned for their safety, I get it. But, why are women taught to sacrifice and hide while men can do what they want. If we hide and keep quiet, the crime will not decrease in fact it will increase. A  girl is taught to sit straight, to wear a duppata in a train or bus, to look down when a man whistles at her. It is necessary to let your daughters know about the increasing cruelty and decreasing humanity, but I feel that it is very vital to teach them that they are not born to just wear glass slippers, they are capable of shattering glass ceilings too.. If you wish to raise an independent and strong woman, do not tell her to hide her face. Tell her  to look at men in their eyes and to let them know that yes, I am a girl who wears skirts and shorts and no, I am not at all scared of you. It is time to actually make our society democratic, the next time you tell your daughter to wear a dupatta, make sure that your son knows how to respect women. If each and every girl stands up, a change will take place.



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