I haven’t really traveled much, to be honest, I haven’t traveled at all. I’m just an ordinary teenager with big dreams, I may be ordinary but my dreams are anything but ordinary. My second biggest dream is to travel the world. If you read my blog or Instagram posts, you must have realized what my first dream is. I want to walk on narrow footpaths and taste the delicacies while my eyes photograph the beauty of the world. I want to read in simple cafes and sleep in cottages with fairylights. I want to lose myself in the hustle bustle of the cities and I also want to discover my soul in a snow clapped majestic place where I can drink 8 cups of coffee without receiving weird glances. I want to collect moments, meet people, make beautiful memories, click tons of pictures. When I die, I want to die with a smile on my face. I want to make my life a beautiful adventure. My dream is to travel the world but if I had to make my huge list a bit shorter, I would shout the names of these 5 beautiful places which have stolen my heart and I haven’t even been there yet.

1.PARIS: This beautiful city of love is my dream destination. I want to make my most special memory on the top of eiffel tower and I guess find my true love there too, haha. Paris is nothing less than the magical places we all dream about. This city is filled with couples stealing kisses, teenage girls flaunting the latest styles and yes,beautiful lights everywhere. Je T’aime Paris.

2 .  NEW YORK : New York, the places where dreams are made. Yellow taxis zooming past the beautiful cafes, people running on the footpaths, tall buildings, bright lights.. oh it indeed makes me want to be there right now. I wish to become one of those people who forget to sleep when they step in this magical city, this city takes away their breath and sleeping means losing out on the some wonderful things. High heels, shopping bags, big sunglasses.. this city will make you chase your dreams and it will teach you to do that in STYLE!

3. LONDON : London, the place I read about in the classics, where Harry made me fall in love with him. When I think of London, I think of beauty. The lovely London eye, the beautiful Tower Bridge, Big Ben, enchanting museums, Buckingham palace, London truly is a place where you will lose yourself but you will also discover your true self and that is exactly what I wish to do.

4. HIMALAYAS: Most of the people I know are beach lovers. Beaches are loved by me too but it is the gigantic snow clapped mountains which make me squeal with delight. The mysterious trees, the small cottages with fairylights, big mugs of coffee and cozy sweaters. A chaotic soul like mine needs the silence of nature.

5. ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS : These islands are every traveler’s dream. I do not know much about these islands but their beauty makes my eyes gleam with delight. Andaman and Nicobar islands are where I want to experience adventure and living on an island sounds magical, doesn’t it?


Someday I will write in each city. I will steal amazing experiences and I will give back my words 🙂




One thought on “WANDERLUST

  1. I am sure, you will visit each and every place and your audience will hear some great travel stories from you.


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