I remember the last day of board exams, I was ecstatic. 4 months of no economics and accounts lay before me and believe me, I wore a colgate smile for too many days. I wanted my summer to be filled with fun but I also wanted to try something different. After a child gives 12th grade exams, he is no longer a child and so I too decided to step into the adult world. I began my internship as a content writer. Writing is my passion. We all are gifted, some paint, some sing and I, I write. To me, writing is not scribbling combinations of 24 letters on a parchment. Writing allows me to add something new into the world, it allows me to create and to fill the reader’s mind with the magic which continuously oozes out of my quill. Yes, writing to me is nothing less than magic. But my content writing job wasn’t really exciting for me as I was supposed to write about facts. The job didn’t require me to use too much of my imagination. But for the first time in my life I felt as if I was on my own. I had to take the responsibility, no one else was going to do that for me. It was scary but I also felt happy. I still remember the first day of office. I was terrified but I smiled, confidence can make a whole lot of difference. My workplace was not huge but it was lovely and as soon as I placed my laptop on the desk, I was excited. I made too many mistakes on my first project but those mistakes have taught me so much. I would write eight to ten articles of 500 words each day and no I wouldn’t stop there. I would write on Instagram, on my blog and in my diary as well. I basically wrote from dawn to dusk and I would be really exhausted at the end of each day, but I felt satisfied. Some days I would go to the office and some days I would work from home. I actually felt as if I was a writer and that feeling was wonderful. But there were some difficult topics too and those articles really brought tears to my eyes. My most favorite articles were the travel articles. I remember writing about Bali and I am adamant on visiting the beautiful Bali at least once in my life. My salary was meager but the day I received my first salary, I felt on top of the world. It felt good to earn at 17!Some days, I felt like quitting but surprisingly I carried on and I’m so happy about it. My first job has taught me so many things and I’m so glad the universe listened to me when I asked it to make this summer a different one. I learnt about various diseases, various destinations, amazing beauty hacks and so many other things. I even did a cover story on Virat Kohli and being clueless about cricket, submitting that article surprised me as I didn’t really think I would be able to do it. I learnt the value of time, the deadlines taught me to work faster. I learnt patience, sometimes the articles would need to be rewritten and I had to do them with a smile on my face. I learnt the value of money. It is so easy to spend 35o rupees on a cup of coffee but let me tell you that after writing 10 articles in a day I would earn 35o rupees and believe me now I really know how hard it is to earn and how easy it is to spend. My internship as a content writer taught me great lessons and has filled me with knowledge. I am done with my 3 month long internship now but I fill never forget about my first job. I am saying goodbye to content writing but I am excited for what is next!


  1. Where did u join for internship?
    Also, why don’t you try writing a novel or even publish short stories on wattpad. It would introduce you to a much wider audience.
    And I love ur blog❤


      1. You have written this one really well. I loved the use of new difficult words and at the same time, you have written it in such a way, that the reader can actually picture you doing your internship. Your blog is an example to all those teenagers, who can do so much with their life, but just need some motivation, Happy writing,


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