Love is the best thing in the world, but like all other wonderful things, it too has to end. When love says goodbye, people cling to it. It is hard to say goodbye to a beautiful passionate love but you need to do it, a break up is the universe guiding you on another path. I know moving on is not as easy as falling in love ,in fact, moving on is one of the hardest thing to do. When love ends, it leaves scars and the memories only deepen the wounds. You will remember the one with tears in your eyes and with an ache in your heart. The first kiss, the first dance, the first anniversary, the first trip, the first date.. these firsts will almost kill you, ALMOST. You can either be the one who pins after a guy or girl or be the one who moves ahead in life. I hope you choose to be the latter. It is extremely difficult to forget THE ONE but it must be done. By moving on, I don’t mean forgetting each and every thing. You must keep all the lessons, some wonderful memories too because life blessed you with love even if it was for a short time. You will meet many people, you will fall in love many times, you will kiss many people too and you will get your heartbroken only to fall in love once again. I believe that there is one person who is supposed to be your home. Till you do not find your home, you just have to while your time away at hotels. For each one of us, someone is out there, waiting and wishing. Till you do not meet them, you will fall for wrong people and you will keep hurting and getting hurt. So, when god curses you with a heartbreak, he is actually blessing you. You are one step closer to home. I know despite reading all this, you are still dejected and crying for your lover. So cry and scream. Do it. Healing is a process and please do not hinder this process by drinking too much or by fucking a random person. Be patient, your life is changing, you are moving on to the next chapter. Spend time with your family and friends, be creative, learn something new.. this is the best time for your soul to grow. And believe me, ten years later, you will be sipping hot chocolate with the love of your life and this person who broke your heart will never even cross your mind. Even if they do, you will not cry instead you will thank the universe for all the lessons. So, stop trying to change yourself for someone who won’t even bother to look at you, stop waiting for that text which never comes, stop wasting your Friday nights crying for some person who doesn’t realize how wonderful you are. It is time to move on, darling! It is hard but yes, it is possible.m2

And let me tell you something, I too had my heart broken and I had a great difficulty moving on. But I’m happy today and in fact my heartbreak led me to an even greater love, self love. It is time to say goodbye to your past, your bright future awaits you. m3

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