It is  my dream to write a bestseller. Meeting authors, hearing them talk, getting wonderful advice from them means a lot to me because I know, an author is a reader too. I attend these book reading sessions as a reader but the knowledge I gain helps me improve as a writer. Just Books Library is nothing less than a blessing to me. I met author Kiran Manral a few weeks ago and last Sunday, this library was filled with readers for a book reading session with author Sundari Venkatraman. She loves writing romantic stories and once I knew this, I was even more excited to hear her speak. I love romantic novels. I literally am the kind of girl who curls up on the couch with a cup of coffee and a thick romantic novel.

So, last Sunday I sat with all other readers and aspiring authors and we had the privilege to hear Sundari Venkatraman speak. She filled the small library with her voice and the rain outside roared, it too wanted to be a part of this book reading session. The one questioning her and acting as her companion during this book reading session was none other than her daughter. In fact, many of her friends and family members had turned up. It  really made my eyes smile. A thought kept running in my mind. Someday, I too want to write a best seller, I want to hold a reading session. That day is just a dream today but I know someday it will come true. She even mentioned that she doesn’t begin writing a book just before her deadline. But when she writes, the words flow. Only a person who is gifted with the art of writing can do so.


Cups of hot sweet tea were passed and the roaring rain kept pounding on the door. It was a wonderful Sunday, I will remember it for the rest of my life. I’m so glad to have met such wonderful authors. They are the ones who are helping me becoming a better writer. I hope that I am blessed with more chances to meet such wonderful authors, amazing readers and such beautiful souls.




  1. Thank you Priyanka! It was lovely meeting you too. Wish you all the best. May all your writing dreams come true 🙂


  2. Someday this is going to be that blog which would portray the ‘early young days of a bestselling author’. More power to you. Keep writing and flourishing. 😀


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