I have always loved writing and I have written plenty of short stories.  I have written a few poems too but I can hardly call myself a poetess. A moment is enough to bring a change, a second can make a whole lot of difference and two hours? Two hours can make you fall in love and last Tuesday, the two hours that I spent at cafe Verve made me fall in love with poetry! I am not as huge a fan of poetry like some people but I am a whole lot more interested in poetry than before, so much that I have started reading and writing more poetry.

Poetry Tuesday, the name itself makes me smile. A lovely Tuesday evening, a cozy cafe, heavy rain and poetry, beautiful poetry. I met some amazing people and I wish I had met them earlier. Such creative amazing souls, I literally felt blessed to sit with them. As I entered the cafe, I politely smiled at a girl named Stuti. Later, when she read aloud her poem, I knew that she was truly a gifted person. A guy strummed the guitar and with such warmth in his eyes, conveyed a beautiful story through his poem. I met a a friend there too. Christabel literally gave an amazing performance.There was an amazing soul who reminded us of Enid Blyton with her beautiful poetry. A guy actually took my breath away with his awesome story and performance . Sunita Saldhana, a wonderful writer and poetess, was the one who told me about this poetry reading session and I’m truly grateful because I had a wonderful time. There were many more amazing souls but as it was my first time, I don’t remember the name of all of them but I loved all their poems. The cafe was filled with people of different age groups, different languages and yet, we all laughed  together and cheered for each other. Poetry does that, it brings people together.


On a beautiful Tuesday, I watched the power of poetry and I will remember it for the rest of my life. I am full of wonder for Anish, he was the one who organised it. I too read aloud a poem I had written some years ago. It was a beautiful experience and I am looking ahead to more Poetry Tuesdays. I’m a girl who dreams of writing a novel but now I am also going to write more poetry. I told you, two hours are enough to fall in love.


6 thoughts on “POETRY TUESDAY!

      1. Hi i visited cafe was informed that they changed venue.
        No idea about new venue..pls let me know if in contact with members.I wanna join group.

        Even i was alone in cafe that they and wriiten few line on cofee..woukd love to share ..


  1. Hi Thx for sharing your experience, planning to visit place since last few days since heard about. It is organised every Tuesday?


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