I am an avid reader, I can read from dawn to dusk. Even when I was a little girl, I used to sit with a book and I even had a small diary. Reading and writing have always been my hobbies but as I am growing up, they are turning into my savior and books are what I turn to when the world brings me down. To me,books hold magic, they help you escape and they  make you more aware of your surrounding at the same time.

I cannot imagine spending my life without a book in my hand. I read when I drink my morning coffee and also late at night before my eyes fall asleep. I love how my heart aches when I read a Nicholas Spark book, how my eyes dream of magic when I lose myself in Hogwarts and read with Hermione, how my soul waits for my Mr. Darcy when I read Pride and Prejudice, how A Paulo Coelho book captivates my mind. Reading to me was never a boring task, it always filled my heart with magic and happiness. In fact, reading from such a young age is what made me turn to writing. I wanted to add something to the world, to help a child sleep at night without fearing monsters, to make a 16 year old dream about love and to heal a wounded soul.


When I was 14 and was still learning things about being a teen, I would read a book called ‘A little Princess’, all the time. That book helped me more than any human and I will always remember the name of the author. Frances Hodgson Burnett  knows that her book is an amazing one but she doesn’t know that a 14 year old used to draw power and strength from her book. This is my dream, to help people through my art.


If you don’t read, you prevent your soul from experiencing magic. If you have never read a book in your life, start now. Pick up a book, start reading, start feeling and I promise, you will never stop reading. I am 18 and an avid reader and I’ll still be one even when I turn 80.



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