Pitter Patter :)

I love rain. I think the reason why I love Bombay so much is because of the famous Bombay rains. I love the smell of earth after it rains, the wet streets, the garam adrak wali chai, the colorful umbrellas dancing in the air and of course my favourite bhutta. I guess I am the happiest when it rains.

B 1
LOVE ā¤

There are some people who stay indoors and watch the droplets make love and then there are some who run outdoors and dance to the musical pitter patter. If you ask me which category I belong to, my answer will be Both! Give me some adrak wali chai, a big fat novel and I will happily read all day long only to fall asleep to the sound of rain. I love sitting on the window sill and watching the rain drops hug and kiss the trees. But I also love getting wet, the droplets kissing my body is the most beautiful feeling in the world.I remember getting shouted upon a lot when I was a kid. My mom would cover me in a rain coat but I always entered home drenched. I would remove my rain coat and if I was lucky enough to go out with just an umbrella, I would never open it. I loved getting wet a little too much and I still do because even today you’ll find me getting drenched with an unopened umbrella in my hand.

Long drive on a rainy day with mini breaks to play in waterfalls šŸ™‚ HEAVEN !

Rain makes everything beautiful. It causes loads of problems too but no matter how much I try, rain makes me happy and my eyes always smile when the clouds are grey. To me, Bombay is not the city that never sleeps or the city where dreams are made. Bombay to me is a couple sitting on Marine drive, getting drenched and laughing while the rain drops write their happy love story.



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