Author Sandhya Jane’s book reading session

Just Books Library is literally my happy place. I love it because it is filled with plenty of thick books and you can always find a cozy nook and read all day long. One of the main reason why I adore this cozy library is because amazing authors often come here to talk about their new books and to interact with readers and aspiring authors.Last Saturday, author Sandhya Jane spoke about her new book ‘ Second Spring’ at Just Books.


Let me tell you something about her. She is a mother, an entrepreneur and a writer. I really need to learn time management from her. Writing a book takes time and patience and to do it in spite of having a busy schedule is really tough. I remember her telling us that she wrote this book when her mind was filled with stress and writing made her feel free. This line is so true because to me, writing has always been my savior. I write when I am happy and when the world has bruised my soul, my ink and parchment help me rise. Writing does this, it helps you heal. Her book is a thick romantic novel and if you have read my blogs, you already know how much I love romantic books. Her manager was also present at the event and she read aloud a few passages from the book. Her book talks about love and heartbreak and what it truly means to love someone selflessly. She talked about moving on and about coping with lost love. We all have got out hearts broken but love will find us once again. The book also talks about spirituality and it is written in such a beautiful manner, you will surely fall in love with this book.

This wonderful event was hosted by Sunita Saldhana mam, she herself writes and her beautiful poetry will touch your soul. She reads four books a week and as another reader, I totally understand her love for words. Books have always been my best friends and even today, I find solace not in a club but in a small library filled with thick novels promising comfort and wonderful tales. This whole session was a beautiful one and I am looking forward to many more.


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