When you look at your reflection in the mirror, what do you notice? I am sure your soul cries when you look at your fat belly or your jiggly arms or your thunder thighs. Have you ever noticed anything except these so called flaws. If not, you too are suffering from the disease which has turned so many bright eyes into dark dungeons.

Every girl is taught that she is beautiful only if her skin is a certain color or her waist is a certain size. Why does a wonderful world like beauty cause us girls so much anxiety, so much hate for our own body. Who decided what is beautiful and what is not? How dare you shrink the beauty of a woman into inches. I am a girl who doesn’t have a flat belly and no, my arms aren’t toned. But I am beautiful and I love myself for who I am. There is much more to a person than the size of their waist. A few days ago, we watched a video in college and it was one of the best videos I have watched. Women were told to describe themselves and all they pointed out were the flaws they had.A man drew sketches of the woman as per their description. A woman pointed out her fat face and the man drew her sketch. Some other woman was called and she was told to describe the woman who felt she was not beautiful because of her round face and big forehead. The man again drew the sketch. When these both sketches were compared, the woman realized how wrong she was. Her face wasn’t fat or hideous and the other sketch was much more beautiful. Her eyes actually lit up when she saw the other sketch, she finally saw her beauty.  You can see the video too, it is worth watching ( Dove real beauty sketches) .


Why are we ashamed of flabby bellies or jiggly arms or dark circles or crooked teeth? We are beautiful just the way we are. You are beautiful because of your ability to love selflessly, to smile even when the skies are grey, to hold beautiful conversations, to add something to this world. There are days when I feel ugly just because of my arms looking too fat in some top and this really does affect my productivity and my ability to interact with people. So, this is me, allowing myself to fall in love with my body. I have a muffin top and thunder thighs but I am beautiful and so are you. Let today be the day you fall for yourself. Your body needs your love. Love yourself, fall in love with your beautiful self. 🙂



  1. Physical beauty is not going to last for longer and that is proven and yes a good human being a great soul and great mind do.
    As English say… beauty lies on beholder eyes, so why we should bother if some body cant see our inner beauty. The world is full of good human and humanities let leave few who are not able to see beauty behind the face inside the heart.
    Mai jindgi ka sath nibhata chala gaya,
    Har fikra ko dhuyen me udata chala gaya.
    Beautiful writing friend.


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