Instagram Depression

Do you feel lonely when you see those cute couple pictures on Instagram? Do you feel sad when your picture doesn’t get as many likes as your friends? Do you feel miserable when you see people uploading travel pictures when you don’t have a single beach picture to post? You, my friend, are suffering from Instagram depression.

Instagram depression is nothing less than a disease, it can make you feel pathetic and worthless. Social media is for connecting with people, for sharing your thoughts with people. Instead of using it in a good way, we are letting our whole lives turn into a game of likes and ‘Who can fake a happier life’ battle. The girl with the perfect life has some problems too, you just don’t see it on her Instagram account. The popular kid  with the coolest friends secretly wishes for a better relationship with his parents, the pretty girl with thousands of comments on her pictures actually wishes for a boy who likes her mind more than her looks, the kid with the latest gadgets wishes for friends to play with..what you see on Instagram is just a part of that person’s life, it is not their whole life.

Don’t compare your real life with someone’s Instagram life, you will only feel miserable. I am not saying that no one in this world is happy, it’s just the fact that no one brags about their griefs. So don’t make yourself feel terrible each time you find one of those perfect feeds. Focus on your own life, make the most of what you have. Appreciate all the wonderful gifts that God has given you, smile as much as you can and add more magic in your life. Comparison truly is the thief of joy and if you allow such negative thoughts to enter  your mind, your happy bright eyes are going to look like dungeons.

So, stop spending nights with your eyes glued to Instagram, crying over the fact that your life is absolutely messy. Learn to love yourself, stop cribbing, go out and enjoy every moment of your life. Years later, you will only look back on your teenage years and feel regret, you will regret all the times you let yourself feel miserable over silly things. Life is not perfect and it doesn’t even have to be. Enjoy this wonderful roller coaster and when you upload your pictures on Instagram, don’t check the number of likes every second. Life is too short to worry about silly things such as ‘likes’.

Don’t be a victim of Instagram depression!


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