Extroverts? Nah. Introverts are cooler!

I am not an introvert and neither am I an extrovert, I fall somewhere in between. Extroverts are always considered cooler and way better than introverts. Read this article and you too will have a different thinking.

  1. Introverts are great thinkers

An extrovert has his cell buzzing all the time, they are always making plans or catching  up with friends. Being surrounded by people doesn’t really give you time to think. You totally forget that an eleven letter word ‘imagination’ exists.


2. Introverts don’t feel lonely even when they are alone

Leave an extrovert alone on a Friday night and you will find them sitting in a corner tweeting about their terrible life. When an introvert is left alone, he or she makes use of this time in a productive way or simply spends the time doing things they love without a sad thought in their mind.


3. Introverts make the perfect best friends

Introverts are amazing listeners. You can always call them up and they will patiently hear you grumble and even wipe your tears.  You won’t have to think twice  like you would if they were an extrovert.


4. Introverts are extremely creative

Both extroverts and introverts are talented but introverts put more time in becoming better artists. They are much more focused and  they use their time being productive. Extroverts may have a better social life but their talents suffer.


5. Introverts don’t tell secrets

Extroverts have way too many people in their life and they might blurt out your secrets, of course it isn’t intentional. Introverts have a relatively smaller group and they are much closer to their friends and an introvert always thinks before speaking so there is a greater possibility that your secrets will be safe with them.


Introverts are amazing people and to all you introverts out there, we love you just the way you are !

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