Stations full of Trains full of Stories

I often hear people complaining about their boring weekends and how they don’t get to travel much. I find such kind of people very amusing. Just because you don’t have the time or money or freedom to travel to faraway magical places doesn’t mean that you cannot travel at all. I have started traveling in trains since July and believe me, I have experienced and learned and understood and felt so much. Here are my travel stories. The two hour journey I take each morning and evening has changed me, it has opened my eyes.

It was just the second week of college I guess, I still had some trouble traveling. It was extremely crowded one evening and I couldn’t get out at the station I was supposed to and the train took me away further to stations I had never even heard of. I started crying. I am not even kidding. I knew no one. I was going to some destination I had never even heard of. A lady standing next to me saw the tears in my eyes and for the next fifteen minutes she kept saying that this was normal and that I would reach home safely. Her friend was supposed to get down at some station and I got down with her. She showed me the train which would take me back. It was 7 pm and I was standing at the door admiring the view. Lakes and tiny homes and so much greenery. I took out my cell that had only five percent battery, I managed to click two nice pictures. I reached home and hugged my mom. I still remember that wonderful lady and I don’t think I will ever forget her kind smile.

I was late to college. (I am always late). I got inside the train and thanked my stars as I found an empty seat. I hate to admit that I’m afraid of eunuchs. They are normal human beings but something about them scares me a lot. The train halted at some station and another eunuch entered. She jumped inside the train and hugged one women who was standing since fifteen minutes. I was surprised. I had never seen anything like this before. I smiled. I still am afraid of them but not as much. They are wonderful humans who believe in friendship and tight hugs just like us.

I ran down the stairs and managed to get inside the train. (I felt I had achieved something that day haha) I was standing for twenty minutes when an old lady with a basked filled with chips and other eatables entered. I saw all the women asking her how she was and why she hadn’t come for so many days. It was just like a reunion. They didn’t just buy food but gossiped as if they had met an old friend. It was such a wonderful sight. Friends don’t need to be of the same age or status to have a true bond. In that crammed train, I experienced what true friendship is.

I have a truckload of such experiences. I have seen women celebrating birthdays in trains. I have seen  old couples holding hands. I have seen small kids laughing even while working (I don’t support child labour, of course but I love how they find happiness despite all the work and stress). I have seen friends teaching each other economics. I have seen people helping each other. I have seen and learned so much. No, I didn’t buy an aeroplane ticket to experience so many things. I simply bought a railway ticket.




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