Smiles as bright as Christmas lights.

I joined the Rotaract club just a few months back and I’m so glad I did! The wonderful people, the amazing projects and warm, happy vibes. Yesterday evening, I saw magic unfold in front of my eyes and this was only possible because of the amazing rotaractors.

Christmas is my favorite festival. The beautiful carols, the festive decor, waiting for santa, holidays spent with loved ones, putting up the Christmas tree. Christmas magic exists, it really does. It is the smile you bring on faces, the people you help and the warmth you spread. We decided to do just that, we decided to spend Christmas laughing and making others laugh. Christmas is two weeks away but aren’t we all already in the holiday mood? So, yesterday evening, all the rotaractors of thane suburban visited  AccessLife AccessFoundation where we met beautiful kids with smiles so bright and hearts so strong, they never for a moment appeared sick. I absolutely forgot they had cancer. They were so enthusiastic, so warm and so happy!!!


We played games with them, cut cake, sang songs, took pictures and the president of our club even dressed up as Santa! When I entered the place, I thought it would take a lot to cheer them up. The fact that they found happiness in something as simple as clicking pictures surprised me. These beautiful souls didn’t even for one second seem sad or angry. Instead, they counted all their tiny blessings and their happiness wasn’t fake. Today, most people fake smiles and pretend to be happy. For the first time, I saw so many real smiles and such bright eyes.


Every moment with them was magical. There are certain moments in life that when they are unfolding, while you are actually living the moment, it suddenly dawns on you. You will remember this moment forever. Yesterday was filled with such moments. Christmas magic exists and I know this for sure as I experienced it yesterday. I hope you spend your Christmas in a magical way like we did. We spent it in the company of strong, beautiful souls with smiles as bright as Christmas lights.


They even made these beautiful presents for us :’)

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