The beginning of June and Dylan

I think everyone knows by now that it is my dream to become a writer. Dreaming is good but it isn’t enough so I have taken a small step which I hope will get me closer to my dream. Recently, I started a new page on Instagram called June_Dylan! I was very hesitant to start it actually. With my own Instagram account, this blog and of course ample amount of time spent in college, I didn’t think it was possible to start this page. I was waiting for summer vacations to start but then I thought. ‘If this is really important to me, I’ll find a way to make it happen’. And lo! June and Dylan were born. They are two characters who live inside my brain and they have a wonderful love story to share with the world.


I love romantic novels, there is nothing better than a happy ending. I have read so many love stories and I continue to do so. If you were wondering why I write so many posts about love, now you know! I always wanted to write a beautiful love story, the kind of love story that makes people believe in love. I was just sitting with my diary and sipping coffee when this idea popped in my head. I write a lot on my Instagram page @priyanka_hasija, and most of them are about love so I thought of starting a whole new page for a love story. I just needed two names and then I would begin writing their story. It all seemed so easy. Let me tell you something. The names June and Dylan didn’t just enter my mind. I made lists, huge lists. I asked my family and friends for names that sound cute and nice together. I would pick one name but then cancel it off the list. For weeks, I was constantly asking people for names, showing them my lists, texting them in the middle of the night. Those weeks were crazy. I couldn’t understand how picking two names could be so difficult. Too many thoughts, lists, cancellations and debates later, June and Dylan were born! I was so happy, I literally wore a bright smile for days. I started the page but even then it wasn’t so easy. I was confused about the place where they first met, their relationship status, the kind of love they shared. But in the end, everything fell in place. I wrote the first post and I knew, I finally was doing what I had always wanted to do.




something about June



About Dylanjjjj


I started writing about their coffee dates, movie nights, insane talks, first anniversary and many more special moments. The more I wrote, the easier it became.

You can read the entire letter on Instagram @june_dylanjjjjj

Three months ago, I took a step towards my dream and I’m so glad I did. The very idea of writing each day about these two love birds makes me happy. I smile when they smile, I blush when Dylan does something romantic and I laugh when June giggles. These two characters aren’t just mere characters to me. I feel so happy to call them my creation. I love writing about them and I’m glad to be supported by so many people. To the ones who helped me select the names, sent me pictures, sent me sweet messages saying they love the page, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for helping me dream.

I am just about to finish this blog post and think of more stories for June and Dylan. If you still haven’t seen the page, go ahead and take a look. I’m sure you will fall in love with them. (

Also, Christmas is just five days away and I’m so happy! You will be seeing too many posts about Christmas.



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