Making long distance work!

Love is that one thing which turns ordinary into magic, bridges gaps, creates some cracks, makes us laugh and weep at the same time, and it is like a roller coaster ride which we want to stay on for the rest of our life even though our screams are loud enough to be heard by the world.

We often think that love is about holding hands and kissing every morning but though these are essential parts of a relationship, they are not the only things in a relationship. Most people are so scared of distance, they’d rather break up than choose long distance. They can’t imagine spending a day without each other but love is not just about roses and dinner dates, true love is about being there for each other and passing the tests life throws your way, one of them being a long distance relationship.


I have never been in a long distance relationship but I have always wondered how difficult it must be for people and what they actually go through just to maintain their bond. When a friend suggested me to write a post on couples in long distance relation, I knew I had to do it. I found three wonderful humans and they answered all my questions and their answers made me smile so bright.

I asked them to talk about their relationship in few words and then gave them the six questions I had prepared.

I think before entering in a long distance relation, we never give it much thought. We aren’t even sure if we believe in such relations but then loves makes us do crazy things. It was the same for my friend Swarajya Singh who said she wasn’t a big believer but then her boyfriend had to leave the city for a better college and the idea of breaking up was too horrible to even consider.

My college is filled with outstation students and so many of them must have left their boyfriends or girlfriends for the sake of a better education and one of these strong humans is a friend of mine. Satvik Bhatt also answered my questions and just by reading about his relationship, I knew how powerful their bond is.

I asked him what he misses the most about his girlfriend and what he does to stop the aching in his heart. His reply will make you smile, I promise.

‘Her touch. I miss everything I used to do when she was right next to me. Hug her, kiss her, tickle her, lift her up, give her piggyback rides and tonnes of other things. I miss hanging out with her. That has become something which I can only do after a month’s gap. I call her up and tell her how much I miss her, and that I could kill to be there with her. It’s at this point that you become really helpless. But well, later on you realize how only her voice can be such an effective painkiller’.

I know you are smiling!


Another friend of mine who also answered these questions has chosen to remain anonymous but the day she gets married, I’ll write a novel on her love story, I’m not even kidding. It is the kind of story we read in books, her love story is a beautiful but difficult one.

She emphasized on good communication, how something as small as a good morning text can mean a lot when you are in a long distance relation. As you can’t physically be with that person, it is necessary to communicate for how else will a relation work when you don’t even bother to know what is happening in their life.


I asked them them if they had a choice to reverse the situation, would they still prefer to be in this long distance relation, and all their answers were the same. A big fat NO! Sure, distance teaches you how to be independent and focus on your dreams but the thought of being without their other half is heartbreaking.

I asked them what they had learned from their long distance relationship. Satvik and my other friend said they understood the value of that special person.. He even said how he would meet her just thrice a week but now when he goes back, even five minutes with her are important and precious.

Swarajya said the most important thing is to be selfless and to stick together.  She replied with such beautiful words.

‘We prefer being called a team over a couple. I appreciate the fucked up, messed up, hard working person that he is. He loves the annoying, passionate me. So that works well for us’.

Just through six simple questions, I got to know so much about these beautiful strong relationships. I am so glad I decided to do this post because these three stories have warmed my soul, I believe in love even more and I didn’t think that was possible.

It is 11:11 pm and my only wish right now is that these relationships last forever.

I have now realized that distance truly isn’t for the fearful but for the bold!


One thought on “Making long distance work!

  1. Loved reading this. Your writings teach us so much. Love love reading them. Though long distance is difficult but it has a different magic which other relations might not be able to have.
    Amazing work.

    Liked by 1 person

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