Happiness is a four legged word.

They say the best way to be positive and happy is to pet an animal each day. Okay, I say this but it is really is true.

I have always been a cat person. As a little girl, I would bring every stray cat that I found home. At one point of time, I had more than six cats. My mother was left exasperated each time I knocked on the door with a little cat in my hand but somehow my sweet, innocent smile would force her to allow that angel, or in her words, another beast home.


My love for these four legged angels only increased with age, and when Bambi entered my life, I knew I had found true love.

The first time I laid eyes on her, she was a tiny baby, shy and scared. It took a lot of time for her to open up to us but she did, and since then she has never left us. It has been more than six years and even today when I open my door each morning, I find her sitting there waiting for fish and milk.

Let me in, hooman.


Bambi is one of the sweetest angels, and to me, she is family. I remember my board exams, I was so scared and the only one who made it possible for me to go and write those exams was her. She would sit on my lap all the time while I was studying, and in her company, my fears would vanish. I cannot thank her enough for that.

Each night, she walks with us. Maybe she learned it from the neighbor’s dog. On days when she is too tired, she sits outside the gate and patiently waits for me to come home. It is these sweet gestures that make my heart melt.

There are tons of other special memories that I have collected just because of her, and each day, she adds something new to my already brimming box of treasure.

Time spent with cats is never wasted.

They say cats are meant to be loved but they don’t know how to love. If only they knew Bambi, this false notion would disappear. On a walk with dad, I casually mentioned that she was lucky to get a family like ours. My dad laughed and said we are the lucky ones to have her. My entire perspective changed that day and I realised how true my father’s words were. The amount of love and joy our angel has given us cannot be described but it can be seen. It is present in my father’s eyes each time Bambi goes and sits next to him, it is present in my smile each time she says her cute Meow, it is present in my brother and sister’s laughter each time she chases those butterflies and it is present in the food mom cooks for her even though she doesn’t like animals a lot.

She loves stealing my blanket.

We humans feel superior to animals because we have the ability to give them food and shelter. We are foolish, so foolish. The kind of love a four legged friend offers cannot be given by a two legged human who needs an award for doing something as simple as loving an animal.


The very reason I say happiness can be found in an animal’s company is because I have been blessed to receive that kind of love. With an animal, you forget your problems and learn to just live in the moment. You forget to think of new ways to achieve more things, instead you enjoy what you already have. You stop looking for motives to do something good, you simply do them because they make your soul happy.

Each morning Bambi looks at the world as if she has seen it for the first time. Each day she finds something new. When I look at the world through her eyes, I find so much beauty and happiness which we normally overlook. I notice those butterflies dancing like fairies, I smile at the fallen flowers that look beautiful even at their death, I admire the sky which changes colors as if the artist painting it is never satisfied with his choice. I look at these small gifts and somehow, the same world that promises violence and fear starts to look like heaven filled with magic and happy thoughts.

Bambi and her little one who is not so little anymore.

This is the power of these four legged angels. They provide a safe place to you. They act as your friend and add magic to your otherwise dull life.

I know where my happy place is. It is next to Bambi. It is next to all those cats who have helped me become who I am.

The next time you feel low, just go find an animal. You will find peace and joy. It is the promise of a writer.

When no hand came forward to help me, a tiny paw gave me hope.


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