A bookcafe date?

They say good people go to heaven after they die but some people believe in giving people a taste of heaven when they are alive. The person who started a bookcafe must have have believed in this concept.

Up for a mug of coffee and a beautiful conversation?

If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have noticed the number of coffee mug and book pictures I post. They are a lot, you can see them for yourself on my account @priyanka_hasija.

As long as I have coffee and books, I’ll be happy.

So, when the two things I love were available in one place, I had to go and visit it.

Yesterday, my friend and I went to Leaping Windows in Versova. When you enter the place, it looks like any other cafe but it is the stairs leading you downstairs that make the whole difference. We ordered some hot chocolate for us and then carried it downstairs.

There is nothing a cup of hot chocolate can’t heal.

As soon as I reached the last stair, I gasped. I was looking at the best view of my life. The basement turned library was home to a huge amount of books. There were books everywhere, and being an avid reader I knew, I had found my happy place.

Heaven exists.

The one thing which I did not like was that there were only comic books, too many comic books. I would have loved the place even more if it has some thick novels. Also, the price per hour was Rs.50 which could have been a bit less. Faults aside, I fell in love this bookcafe.

We sipped hot chocolate, read comics, gossiped a little and went back to the cafe upstairs. I don’t know how exactly I should describe what I felt in that moment but I can try.

I spent my childhood reading Tinkle.

It is a dream of mine to have a big library in my house. A place where I can just sit with a coffee mug and read my favorite books for hours. They say people and places have the power to keep you safe. I agree, I completely agree. I find happiness and peace in bookstores filled with fragrance of paper and coffee. I smile on rainy nights when I’m reading under the lamp while the rain drops knock on the windows to say hello. It is in the company of a book that I let go of all my fears. When I say, I am what I am because of books, I’m not lying.

Where bibliophiles spend their Friday.

As soon as I stepped inside, I felt at home. Just sitting there in the middle of piles of books and sipping hot chocolate made me so happy that I’m actually smiling while writing these very words.

Happy heart.

I always say a writer cannot not be a reader. It is the words of other authors that inspire your own. I read therefore I write.

A bookcafe is one of the best creations because it allows people to just enjoy the feel of being in a cafe with the people they love while falling in love with the habit of reading. In the world of social media, most people never read. I think it is a book that makes a whole lot of difference in a life, books have the power to make you. If you look at most successful people, you will find them to be readers.

It is wonderful what these bookcafes are doing. Lovers of food and books are connecting with each other here. Beautiful things happen when books are brought into the picture, and I saw this from my own two eyes yesterday.

So, if you are searching for a place to hang out with your friends, try Leaping Windows or one of the other bookcafes.

My friend and I lost in books. She’s a wonderful foodblogger. Follow: @foodle on Instagram.

You might even want to take your date here. A place filled with mugs of coffee, yummy food and books is just the kind of date your love will remember for his/her entire life.

If you recently visited any bookcafe, do tell me about it in the comment section. Let’s bond over books and caffeine.

When the menu is in form of a comic and the bill also arrives tucked inside a book.

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