Just two days till I can finally say I’m nineteen. I finally battled all the demons and made some of the best memories that my teenage years had in line for me. I have more 365 days to do be a rebel or act like a stubborn teenager but I think deep down I know it’s time to step into the real world.

I have spent my teenage years falling in love with guys who don’t mean anything to me now, I have spent these years crying and laughing, finding the strength to accept life, growing out of my comfort zone,making tons of mistakes and writing. I wrote a lot and somehow my art did not just save me but helped me find myself and the true meaning of life.

I finally have arrived at a point in my life where I want to work my hardest to make things fall in place. I also want to spend my time making some even better memories with the special people in my life. Balance. I want to learn how to balance love and friendship, work and fun.

I think I don’t want another relationship which ends and leaves me broken. I do know that I probably have more heartbreaks to face and more hearts to break but I also have a more mature soul which I hope will help me avoid some of the silly mistakes I’ve made in the past.

As you grow up, you start realizing the true importance of family. The number of friends doesn’t matter, it is quality over quantity now. Your family and a few friends are enough to form a little happy world of yours. I want to be with only those people who make me happy and add something to my world. I no longer have the  patience to be with negative people and those who only appear good on the face. In fact, I no longer speak to many people and if you know you are one of them, forgive me if you feel I’m rude or anything of that sort. The reality is just that my soul is too sensitive and I am the only one who can take care of it. If you leave me feeling depressed or unimportant, I don’t feel any need to keep you in my little world.

I am ambitious. A big dreamer, a girl who wishes to inspire people, someone who loves working for what she wants. I want to devote more time to turning my dreams into reality. Maybe the internship I got recently is the universe’s ways to tell me I’m on the right path.

Gratitude. My favorite word. Gratitude can change your whole life. They say, ‘Being thankful for what you have in life only leads to more blessings’. This saying is true, absolutely true. I want to practice gratitude for bringing more blessings into my life, after all, who doesn’t like their life to be filled with happiness. The main reason though isn’t this. Waking up early and thanking the universe for a new day and continuing this process all day long until you doze off makes you understand how beautiful your life is. The beautiful people in your life, the wonderful adventures and memories, the dreams turning into reality;your life will start looking like a beautiful novel and it should. I just want to be able to appreciate all that I have been blessed with.

I just want to become the woman I have always dreamed of becoming. A strong, independent girl chasing dreams and making memories with the people she loves.

I can either spend my last teenage year going crazy or being responsible and getting my act together.

I plan on doing both. I am keen on making my last year as a teenager the best of all.


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