Bieber Concert- Dream Come True!

12 pm.We stepped on the grounds of DY Patil and waited in the queue outside the stadium. Three hours. Three hours under the sun and somehow we did not find any reason to complain. The Bieber fever had spread and the only thing we needed was to see our idol, hear him and cry with happiness at the realisation that our dream was no longer just a dream. It was reality. Some girls were standing outside from 6 am and their smiles were shouting that they were more than excited to be one of those grateful humans who were about to see their idol in reality.


My friend and I took turns sitting on the grass and sang Bieber songs with the other beliebers. People had come from Delhi, Shimla and various other places. Being in the same place, singing our favourite Justin songs together reminded us that Beliebers aren’t just a fandom but a family.


Finally at 3 pm we were given our wrist bands and allowed to enter inside. We ran all the way inside and got to stand in the first line of our zone. The stadium was filled with people running for a place and the very moment I looked at the entire set up, I knew I was in for the best day of my life.


The DJ Sarthak was the first one followed by Zaeden and Alan Walker. All their performances were wonderful but us beliebers were impatient to watch Justin. At about seven, we heard people screaming and our eyes immediately looked at the fingers pointing to the window above the stage. A shirtless Justin was waving at us from his room. To say the fans went crazy would be the biggest understatement ever. The very fact that Justin had finally arrived almost brought tears in my eyes. I couldn’t believe that, in some time, I would be hearing his voice and watching him perform. That one hour was the longest hour of my life. Waiting for an hour  seemed almost impossible but we allowed ourselves to sway to Alan Walker’s music and somehow waited with the glint of eagerness in our eyes.


At about 8:30 his voice filled the stadium and the next moment will be remembered by me for my entire life. Justin Drew Bieber, on the stage, is a sight to behold. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I sang those lyrics I had sung so many times at home, only now it was actually at his concert.


Watching Justin perform is a treat to the eyes, it really is. I remember the time when Baby had come out and I had fallen in love with him. He performed Baby and somehow I couldn’t imagine any other moment where I was as happy.

He noticed the full moon and admired the beauty of it. A 23 year old successful singer noticing something as simple as a beautiful full moon night says a lot about the beautiful soul he possesses.

He sat on his knees, closed his eyes and sang those beautiful lyrics of his. I don’t think I can explain how it felt to be there but I can definitely say that I will never forget it for the rest of my life. When he sang ‘Life is worth living, so live another day’, I literally felt he sang it for me. I’m sure most girls felt like that but the way he sang filled my soul with happiness and gratitude.

They say some moments are so beautiful that when you are living them, you realise that you will never forget them. Last night was filled with such moments.


I remember when I was in school, I would cut out every picture of his that came in the newspaper and stick it on my cupboard. I was crazy for him and I still am equally crazy. I have a T-shirt and bag with his picture on it, his calendar, his perfume ‘Girlfriend’, posters, CD’s and loads of pictures. People said ‘It’s just a phase’, but last night confirmed my belief that I will always be a belieber. ‘

And I tried imitating a duck.


His voice, those lyrics, the energy of the crowd, the concert vibes. Last night was truly magical. When he thanked everyone and left, I could not believe it had ended. The next moment, ‘Sorry’ started playing and he was back on stage for his last performance. I wanted the last performance to last forever. I didn’t want him to leave and those tears appeared once again.


He sang the last lyrics and I felt like a kid who had been given what she wanted but only for a short while. We sat on the ground, hugged each other, took a last picture and walked out of the stadium.

We had truly lived in those moments, and years later, if I still have to tell any detail from this night, I’ll be able to.


The best thing that happened was that as soon as Justin arrived, my battery became too low so I could take only a few pictures. At that time, it felt like a curse but now I know the universe wanted me to live in that moment. Everywhere, people were clicking pictures and recording videos, and there I was, living in that moment. Of course I’m glad my friend took the pictures but I’m also glad that instead of using snapchat, I was watching his expressions and just being grateful to breathe the same air as him.


The best thing about concert vibes is that it forms bonds. We met two girls there, the elder sister had come for the concert because the younger one was a Justin fan. We laughed, clicked pictures, shared stories and not for a moment did we feel like strangers. This is the power of music, of true love for something.


It was my dream since so many years to attend his concert,and when it came true yesterday, it still had that magic of a dream.

Last night was the best night of my life.


Thank you,Justin. The memories of last night will provide me warmth on a cold winter’s night. I loved you yesterday, I love you today, I will love you tomorrow and forever.

Sweaty but happy.

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