Author Mohit Uppal’s book reading!

I entered the classroom where Mohit Uppal was coming to speak about his book, and I saw a couple of other people sitting there. They were the Rotaractors of the other club and I gave them a shy smile and sat down quietly. Thank God my mom had decided to accompany me! About twenty minutes later, he walked in. Some people have that thing about them, they know how to keep their feet on the ground even when their name is being written among the stars. He definitely belonged to that category. There was nothing celebrity like about him and I instantly liked him.


He didn’t look much older than us and we all could feel ourselves opening up to him. He was very open to questions and the inquisitive me couldn’t help asking him a few of mine. I asked him if I could make writing something more than my hobby, if I could turn it into a career for me. His reply was a very simple one but it led me to thinking.

He said it is possible for some but he personally wouldn’t recommend it. He said writing is his way to escape from something but if you are writing all day, what do you escape from? His advice was a wonderful one but I still want to give this whole writing as a career thing a try. Maybe it will work out for me.


He read a few pages from his book ‘Here be dragons’, and I immediately liked the start of his book. I loved all the details he had included.

He also spoke about his love for real conversations and not just text messages, the thoughts that can pop up anywhere, the characters he creates after being inspired by humans ,and I’m sure all of us were listening to every word of his with utmost attention. Someday when we become writers, some advice of his will come to our rescue.


The fact that he too loves Harry Potter made me like him even more. Potterheads are the coolest humans!!

Just sitting there and listening to him speak about writing made me feel so good. I love attending these sessions, I love listening to writers talk about their journey with that magical look in their eyes. I love finding a little bit of myself in them, a little bit of them in me.

He even gave away four of his books and I was one of the lucky four people. I cannot wait to read the book and I’m sure it will be one hell of a read.


Thank you for such a beautiful session. I hope I too make a name for myself in the world of words.

Thank you for such sweet words. I hope the same!

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