Bring back the love letter!

We’re the cool kids who hate expressing love unless it is done in a jiffy through a text or done for popularity through Instagram of course. Gone are the days when the only way to express love was through hand written letters. Even though I’m born in the age of text messages and video calls, a part of my soul still exists in that era where love letters were exchanged.

I don’t think there is any better way to tell someone you love them than through the simple words that look a bit out of shape because of a tear or two that fell on them,the handwriting which only gets worse with each feeling you pen down as if your hands can’t cope up with all the thoughts running in your mind, the cancelled out words that simply cannot be deleted, like on a text, but somehow add more beauty to that parchment.

Our grandparents or even our parents must have those corners in the house where a little bit of their youth stays,where love is still young in the form of hand written letters.

We won’t have that. When we’re eighty and life has almost escaped our souls and death is on its way to whisk us away, we won’t have any letters hidden in thick books to remember those days when the rose never seemed to wilt. We will never blush each time our fingers caress a letter filled with tear stains because it was written in longing for our other half.

All we will have is text messages that can do nothing to make us feel warm on a cold winter’s night.

Today we don’t believe in the kind of love that demands our everything. We don’t stroll under the moon or recite poetry to our beloved. We simply type a hurried text, post a picture with a long caption to gain a few more likes,and scroll and tag some more.

Writing a letter is a beautiful art. Your words won’t be read by the world but only by that special someone who is actually your world. You cannot escape behind emoticons here, you need to actually pen down all your emotions. You cannot gain a screenshot here to boast about your love, but their shy smiles will fill your heart with love and pride.

Where are those days when loving someone didn’t mean just for a few days? When did we stop expressing and become these proud and cold souls who would rather have sex than say those three words? When did we stop writing letters and substitute it with a few text messages?

There is satisfaction in believing in love stories, there is warmth in giving away your heart to someone forever.

A love letter hidden somewhere in the house is all the magic you need.

Write a letter to someone, watch their face light up as soon as they hold that hand written letter and fall in love with them even more when they lower their eyes because somehow the thought of being loved to this extent never even entered their mind.

Shut down your cell phone, take a piece of paper and fill it with emotions. Let’s do love the olden way!

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