Of coffee and cats!

Yesterday was my first day of second year and I was in no hurry to head back home so instead I went to the place I had always wanted to go, which was actually on my bucket list-Cat Cafe Studio in Versova.


Whoever knows me knows I’m a huge cat lover. I’m the real life crazy cat lady. Even as a kid, I would bring all the stray cats home. I cannot help but pet every cat and if I could, I would adopt all of them. For now, I will just be happy with Bambi and Ginger.


Yesterday afternoon, two of my friends and I finally visited the cat cafe and I cannot even explain what a wonderful place it is. You enter and see this beautiful cafe filled with coffee and donuts and various other mouth watering delicacies. But the actual fun begins when you’re asked to read the house rules, take off your shoes and wash your hands. Only after doing these three things can you step inside the beautiful room where you can eat food while playing with the many cats!



I stepped inside with a bright smile on my face and right next to the door were two cats Helen and Ray. I went next to them and started petting them when Helen came and kept her paws on my cheeks. Such an adorable angel! There were cats everywhere.


Some were sleeping inside the shelves, some were playing on the floor, one was sitting on the window sill whereas another one who was actually sick was sleeping in his basket and a very playful cat was busy chasing her favorite toy. The other cats were either playing with the people there or eating their food.



I went crazy, I could not stop playing with each one of them. We ordered a cookie, a chicken sandwich and a cooler. The food was amazing and eating it in the company of so many cats made it even more wonderful.


The cafe has it all. WiFi, board games, books, delicious food, amazing merchandise which includes coasters, mugs, showpieces, shirts, soaps and loads of other stuff.


It warmed my heart to see all these rescue cats so happy and comfortable at this cozy cafe. The volunteers and staff are too sweet and caring and these cats are extremely well looked after.


I wanted to adopt each and every one of them but then my mother would have literally removed me from the house. If you too are extremely fond of these adorable angels, please go and give them a forever home. You will only get more happiness and cuddles.


I will definitely visit this beautiful place again and again for these four legged angles created a space in my heart in just two hours. This is the power of love which an animal can provide.

Time spent with cats is never wasted!


Got this really cute coaster from there!

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