Milo’s mission to spread happiness :)

Meet Milo. He is the main character of my new series which I started on Instagram. Milo is five and he loves being happy and eating chocolate ice cream. He cannot understand why people are so happiness in this world. He is on  a mission – mission to spread happiness.

This is how I began my series.


Five year old Milo is fed up with the world. He’s five yet smart and the only thing he hates is sad people.

He’s on a mission to spread happiness one human at a time.

He watches his elder sister cry because of a boy, his parents fight over trivial things, his best friend is unhappy because he has no other friends, the lady next door is unhappy because her husband never earns enough and the people he meets at the bus stand never smile even though there is so much to smile about.
Milo is ready to change the world for the better.
Will you be his companion in this journey of happiness?


Part 1-Amy

Milo is on a mission to spread happiness. The first person on his list is his sister, Amy, who is heartbroken.
Watch Milo make her understand what love is in the simplest of way. .
I can hear Amy crying again.
I don’t know much about love but I know I wouldn’t want to be so sad in love.
I run to bring a stool and stand on it so I can open the freezer. I’m short for my age but I don’t let it get in my way.
I always win while playing hide and seek.
I take out the box of chocolate ice cream. I love chocolate ice cream. Mom says eating too much will make me sick but my best friend Theo eats ice cream everyday and never falls sick. I think adults are too cautious about everything.
I take the ice cream bowl up to Amy’s room and knock. She never knocks on my door but somehow I have to.
I watch her sitting on the bed with tears in her eyes. She sees me and wipes them away. She is supposed to be the elder stronger sister. I don’t understand how you are supposed to just stop those tears when you grow up.
I take the ice cream bowl to her and I see her smile.
Together we watch Up. It’s my favorite movie.
I tell her I love you. And I kiss her goodnight. ‘I love you, Amy. I would never make you cry.’ She looks at me with surprise.
I think she understood what I meant.
I hope the next guy always makes her laugh and asks her to eat ice cream.
The next morning I hear her singing in the shower again. ‘ Thank you for the ice cream last night, Milo.’ I smile.
Sometimes all you need is ice cream.

Milo’s best friend,Theo, is always unhappy because of not having any other friends. Read what Milo thinks about this.


Part 2: Theo

I have a theory. People might say I’m too young to have theories. But I believe that age has nothing to do with imagination.
I think as long as you have one true friend, you’ll always be happy.
Adults think that having a large group of friends is necessary for happiness but I don’t think so. I have seen adults in these big groups of theirs and they don’t look happy at all.
I would rather have one best friend with whom I can share everything. One best friend who will always share chocolate ice cream with me. Who will tickle me when I am sad because Mr. Jenson gave too much homework. Who will wear pjs with me to the mall because pants are the most uncomfortable things.
I walked over to Theo today during lunch break and he was gloomy again. I asked him why. He said the other kids don’t sit at the lunch table with him.
I told him that I will always share the lunch table with him. This made him smile.
Then we walked back home and discussed about the new TV shows. Tonight he’s coming over to watch a movie.
I think it is better to have one best friend than to have many friends.
If I had too many friends, we would quarrel about movies and then I would have to choose who to walk each day to school with.
This way I can make the best memories with only one person.
I cannot make Theo understand this but I’m going to try each day.
I believe in this theory of mine.
I know that as long as you have one true friend, you don’t need anyone.
All you need is a Theo in your life to share food with, to walk home together and to laugh at the same time while watching a not so funny movie.
Yes, all you need is a Theo and you will never be sad.

Milo’s neighbour is always grumpy. And we all know how much Milo hates grumpy people.


Part 3-The neighbors.

I was at Mrs. Finn’s place today. Mom had to work till late and I was supposed to remain there until seven.
Mrs. Finn never looks happy. She grumbles and complains. Being with her is no fun at all.
She gave me a bowl of soup even though she knows I hate soup. I drank it quietly.
Her husband was away at work and so was her elder son, Jack.
Mrs. Finn says she is tired of her husband and son never earning enough. She says her house is too plain, she has no new clothes and that all her friends are always off to beautiful places during vacations.
I don’t think she’s poor.
Her house isn’t grand but it is homely and her dresses look just fine. And as for vacations, isn’t being with family enough?
Last vacation we didn’t go anywhere because dad had work but I still had lot of fun. I think you can create fun anywhere.
I often wonder why adults want so much and complain so often.
Mrs. Finn has a beautiful family and a wonderful home and yet all she does is complain.
I don’t think complaining is fun. It is as boring as doing those math sums.
I tell her how my pocket money is far lesser than Theo’s yet I’m happier.
When I run out of money, I go to the park instead of the movies.
I don’t think you need to have money to be happy.
You simply have to decide to be happy and happy you shall be.
I kiss Mrs. Finn on her cheeks and give her a hug before leaving.
I think I saw her smiling as I shut the door. #EmptyPocketsDontEqualPoor

Milo’s parents fight a lot like most other parents and he wishes they would just focus on being happy and keeping the love alive.


Part 4- Parents

I returned home from Theo ‘s place and rushed upstairs to change. Mom says I can’t watch the television until I’ve changed.
I am still stuck in my room. Mom and dad are shouting at each other again. Theo says he gets scared when his parents fight. I don’t. I feel sad instead.
Why do all adults fight so much?
I thought we were supposed to fight as kids then grow up to become sensible adults. But I’m five years old and I never fight with anyone except my dog, Max. Max always tries to eat my cake.
I think when people grow up they forget what life is actually about. They don’t tickle each other and laugh till they cry, they don’t sit at home and watch television just because they want to, they don’t get excited for wearing a new shirt or dress, they don’t get wet in the rain even though they have an umberella and they don’t do things just because they like them. They always find a reason for doing things.
Mom and dad keep fighting over trivial things because they have forgotten what it is like to look at the world with magic in on their eyes.
Mrs. Nancy says that life is too short to be unhappy. I agree with her.
I think fighting is the worst thing in the world. It makes people sad. I wonder how happy we all would be if we just calmly tried to solve the problem instead of screaming.
I don’t know how to explain this to my parents.
I know they must be sad right now.
I think I’ll give them my share of chocolate ice cream as well.
Chocolate ice cream is my favorite thing in the world and I truly believe it can cure anything.
The adult world is a mess. I wish I can be five forever. #KeepTheLoveAlive


Part 5- The world

I was walking alone to school today because Theo is sick. He is not actually sick, he is pretending so that he doesn’t have to give the math test. My mom is a doctor so there is no way I can attempt that.
Lately, I’ve been noticing too much sadness in people.
I wonder why everyone is so upset. In class they have taught us that the adult world has many problems and that sometimes people get sad but I don’t think that having a problem should be a reason for being sad.
I don’t know anything for today’s test but I’m not sad. I will try my best and if I don’t pass, I’ll try again. I don’t find any reason to be unhappy.
I’m five and my problems are small compared to the world’s but for me they are large. So if I can be happy, why can’t everyone be?
I look at the people standing at the bus stand and they all look so gloomy. The woman with a baby in the pram looks like she’s about to leave her crying baby and go away.The man with the white umbrella doesn’t even look up once.
I don’t want to grow up to be sad.
I want to be a good adult who smiles on his way to work and always finds a reason to laugh. Who looks at the sky changing colors and notices the flowers growing in cracks.
I want each day to be a happy one.
Just because we grow up and have more responsibilities doesn’t mean we become sad.
Instead we should be happier for we have the liberty to make things happen and find magic.
I reached school to find Leo waiting for me. He sits with me when Theo is absent.
We gave the math test and then went to the park to play.
We laughed while competing who could go higher on the swing.
I have promised myself that I will grow up to be a happy adult.
Yes, that’s what I want to become when I grow up.
A very very happy adult.

This is the last post of the series- Milo’s mission to spread happiness.
Milo cannot thank y’all enough for being a part of his mission to spread happiness.
His only message to everyone is to find happiness in the littlest of things, and never become sad just because you’ve got one more candle on your cake
Life is too short to be unhappy😊

I posted five parts and my sole motto was to make people realize that life is beautiful and there is so much to smile about.

I will be doing more series like this. Check out my Instagram page@ priyanka_hasija for more. 🙂




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