An open letter to anyone who is hurting.

I don’t know who you are or what your story is. I do catch you sitting in the bus with a sad smile, sometimes you’re sipping coffee alone at a tiny cafe and at times you’re walking on the streets without noticing the people who smile at you.

I don’t know you but I do know you are hurting. I know you stare at fairy lights on a monsoon night wishing your eyes still shined so bright and I do know that the bright smile dancing on your lips is anything but real. I know for I too feel this way at times. We all do. A human no matter how strong still has a heart as fragile as a butterfly’s wing.

I will not give you a long lecture because, at nineteen, I’m hardly wise. But I will tell you this.

Right now when you soul is filled with pain and your eyes are as stormy as the sea, just breathe.

Take it one day at a time.

Read that book while traveling in the metro, smile at the kid who is filling the air with soap bubbles, play loud music and dance to it. Do the little things that will slowly glue back your broken pieces for it is the littlest of things that are done with greatest of loves.

You don’t need to set a goal or make a to do list.

For now, you just need to be alive.

Because life isn’t always about sunflowers dancing in the the sun with yellow dresses on. At times it is about bitter coffee and sad poetry making love under a black sky.

So I’m not going to ask you to pretend to be the happy person you wish to be instead I want you to heal and then find happiness.

Happiness, I feel, is like a kid. It is always hiding but never at places hard to find.

So search for that happiness while you keep yourself alive.

You will find it in the smile of that beautiful girl who collects books from the library every Tuesday night, you fill find it in a poetry slam where even strangers offer a hug, you’ll find it in the dusty diary you haven’t written in since you became this sad.

Life is not always about chasing and achieving. At times, it is about learning to laugh again. And it is absolutely fine.

Your cracks are not empty spaces but rather filled with soil on which your creativity will give birth to art.

So break and cry but remind yourself to breathe.

Right now you are wondering how life turned upside down so fast but let me tell you that sometimes the view from down is actually the best. If you don’t lie on the grass at times, how will you giggle with the stars?

So, you have just one task today. It is to breathe.

Someday you’ll be sitting in a balcony with a beautiful view laughing with the important people in your life. You will thank yourself for never giving up.

Dear stranger, I think it is time for me to end this letter. Hey,this isn’t a goodbye!

If you ever see a girl with a book in her hand smiling at you, come and say hi.

Together, we’ll sip coffee and maybe write a letter to another person who is hurting.

Till then, breathe.

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