Torn between dreams and love

We have broken hearts and have had our hearts broken because we thought love can wait. Love can wait but our dreams cannot. The clock is ticking and it is time to run faster than ever, because, for us nothing matters above success. We are torn between dreams and love, and we choose dreams because it is the right choice. Or so we think.

Will you stop dreaming when you are thirty? Will you abandon the person you love or are in a marriage with just because you have a dream? No? Then now when you are in your early twenties or just stepping into twenties, why do you think your dreams are more important?

Before you start with rants full of hatred, let me tell you I am not picking love over dreams. Just like I am not picking dreams over love. Why can’t we have both?

Why does it have to be a life filled with romance OR a life where you gain all the success. Why don’t we try replacing that OR with an AND.

Why do we let go of that one person who made even waking up early on Monday mornings worth it? Why do we let ourselves think that a soulmate will come once we have achieved a lot of success and excelled in our careers?

When the love is true, it will only help you succeed. What can be more wonderful than a human who works hard with you and together you build your future. When two people love each other with all their hearts, they build an empire together. It is the union of two lovers, two bosses, two souls that want the best for each other.

Two people helping each other stay awake till 3 AM ,preparing for entrances, two people wishing each other luck for their first internships, two people celebrating every success and being there for each other during every failure.This is what love is.You love someone so much you want to see them become their best self.

Neither love nor dreams can be ignored. You cannot go crazy in love and forget about that dream you have always wanted to make true. You also cannot lose the love of your life over a dream.

Instead when you find your soulmate, love them with all you have. Dream with them, build with them.

You don’t have to be torn between dreams and love. You can have both. Because your true love will always dream with you and what is a dream come true if there is no one there to hug you and say. ‘You made it’.

So love and dream. Just create a balance. And you will never be without a smile.


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