The oxford bookstore and its Cha Bar.

‘Lecture cancelled’, I groaned as I saw the text the very moment the train started moving. Might as well go somewhere to make the travel worth it. So a friend and I reached Churchgate and waited patiently for the Oxford Bookstore and its Cha Bar to open.


We waited for about half an hour because nothing else was open at 10:30 am and finally the door opened half an hour later allowing us to step inside a world that promised magic.



I held my breath for a moment. I might not be as attractive as Belle or as smart as Hermione but I sure have the same love for reading like them.


We kept our bags and started browsing through books. Rumi sharing his poetry, Ruskin Bond sharing tales of his childhood, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings competing with each other for attention, Mrs.Funny Bones sitting on the top shelf giving us the look that we need that humor in our lives, and various other books asking us to buy them.


We kept walking and more books started appearing and our smile only grew bigger.

Even as a kid, I would spend hours in libraries and bookstores. The people in the library I visited were surprised because I would return the books in just one or two days. My love for reading is still the same and my dream of becoming a writer hasn’t changed too.


The bookstore is filled with various other things like toys, cosmetics and many more cool products .

We finally walked to the space called Cha Bar. On one end of the bookstore, tables are kept and the menu is scribbled on a white board kept in the middle. This place is definitely a tea lover’s paradise because you get various kinds of tea here. The decoration too is absolutely beautiful and is the kind of place where you can simply sit and have a good conversation.


We sat in the beautiful bookstore and sipped tea while talking about dead authors who are still alive in our hearts.

I am so glad I found this place and you will find me sitting here with a cup of tea and thick books quite often now.



If you too are a bibliophile or someone who craves a nice cup of tea, head over to the Oxford Bookstore and its Cha Bar. You will have a wonderful time because there is nothing like spending time in a place where tea and words romance.

How cute are these cups!




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