My gratitude list.

We often get so caught up in our life that we forget to really live. We no longer look outside the window and marvel at the world. We spend hours creating list of things we want and need but how many times do we actually look at all that we have? So I have decided to start practicing gratitude and make my very own list of all the blessings I have received. My first step is this Gratitude list.

When you are grateful, the universe fills your life with even more blessings. But that is not why being grateful is so important. It is so important because the moment you acknowledge your blessings, you allow happiness to enter your life or to be precise, start noticing all the happiness you have been given.


  1. My beautiful family. They are the reason for the smile on my face and without them, nothing would matter anymore because to me they are my entire world.
  2. My friends who are always so supportive and caring. After my family, they are the ones for whom I would do anything.
  3. Bambi and Ginger. There is nothing like waking up to their adorable faces.
  4. Writing. It is one of my biggest blessings.
  5. To be able to study mass media from the best college.
  6. Healthy body.
  7. Books. I would never be able to survive without a book in my hand.
  8. A cozy and beautiful home.
  9. To have the freedom to be whoever I want.
  10. The various places I can go to because of my parents.
  11. Electricity and water and all the necessities so many people are still dreaming of.
  12. All the internships I can do and have done because of my gift: my words.
  13. My own writing account and blog. I have met so many wonderful people who never fail to say a kind word even though they are strangers. I am so blessed to be so supported and loved.
  14. To be living a life which requires hard work but also includes days full of coffee mugs, fairy lights and soft pitter patter.
  15. Not being confused about what I want to do with my life. I always knew I wanted to write.
  16. Long walks. I live for long walks and sunsets.
  17. To live near mountains and have my college near the sea. Nature makes me happy.
  18. I love how I stay in a quaint place where there is silence and tall trees.
  19. To be able to help others and to also receive help when needed.
  20. For tiny bookstores where I find happiness and friends.
  21. All the little things people do to make me happy.
  22. My little garden and my huge mango tree.
  23. For all the wishes that came true.
  24. To be able to celebrate all the festivals and special things in my life with people who matter.
  25. My laptop without which blogging would have become so difficult
  26. Poetry slams because there is nothing like listening to beautiful words in cozy cafes.
  27. To have the confidence to speak in front of a crowd.
  28. For my writing being posted in magazines, books and social media pages.
  29. The reading lamp without which I could never be able to finish all the thick books.
  30. For having cats in college as well as at home.
  31. For falling in love with my self.
  32. My guitar who is my companion when I’m alone.
  33. Never having to go without warm food on the table.
  34. For having luxuries like cell phones and air conditioning and all the other things.
  35. Always having people asking me if I’m safe because they care about me.
  36. To have access to all kinds of books, movies, songs and information.
  37. For the small getaways where I can forget about routine.
  38. For my love for baking because it always calms me and makes me happy.
  39. For this very warm bed I’m sleeping on while writing this.
  40. For living in a beautiful world and finding magic in little things.

I can continue writing but I think it is time for you to stop reading my list and create your very own Gratitude list.

While writing about so many of my blessings, I realized how wonderful my life is and how I don’t even say thank you for half the things.

The very moment you say thank you, happiness enters your life. Maybe this is the reason why I feel truly happy right now.



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