Project Happy School :)

I love children and I love books so when Rotaract club of Thane Suburban, of which I’m the editor,announced about project happy school, I was beyond happy. Saturday afternoons spent teaching little kids felt like a dream come true.


I was hesitant to go at first because there would be many unfamiliar faces as I am still getting to know everyone in the club but then I decided I cannot always let fear stop me. So I wore my club T-shirt and went to the municipal school where I met the other members.


I think the very first moment I entered the school was absolutely magical and filled me with confidence and happiness. I just entered a class which I wasn’t even supposed to enter and casually asked a little girl her name. She smiled and replied Priyanka! What a coincidence! She really liked me because we had the same name and even came to the ground where we were supposed to teach the other kids. She even got a few of her friends and just giggling with them felt like the best thing ever.

We all started brainstorming and tried to come up with ways to entertain eighty kids! We began with a small introduction and then split them in groups. We had a few games planned for them and I had the most wonderful group ever. Again I met another girl named Priyanka and we bonded too! I never knew I would say this but thank you Mom Dad for giving me the most common name ever!

We made a circle and played the simplest of games but we laughed all the time! Being surroundedĀ  by so many happy faces made me feel glad I hadn’t missed this opportunity. After the games, we took a general knowledge session with them and even did a silly dance!


These kids did not care about what they did not have or how their lives could be better. They simply lived in the moment and even a chocolate which we gave at the end of the session made them so happy!

We will be teaching these kids various subjects in the other sessions but I’m so glad that they taught me such important lessons! As long as you are in good company and you have a heart full of gratitude, you do not need anything else. All the knowledge in the world is not enough if you yourself aren’t happy!


Each time I feel sad, I will be thinking about their happy smiles and I will know, my life is wonderful and magical.

I’m ending this write up with a bright smile on my face.

While leaving a girl came and stood next to me. She looked up with a sweet smile and asked me to promise that I will visit them again! It was one of the best moments.I absolutely cannot wait to meet these little kids again! Project happy school was a success!

Check out our Instagram page to know more about such wonderful projects šŸ™‚



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