Ask the universe.

I was talking to dad and we were discussing about a news in which the man just randomly asked the universe for something and years later, it actually came true. My dad said how our thoughts really do attract things and what we ask with all our heart, will come true. It might not happen in all the situations and it won’t happen when you want it to but it will happen.

I honestly believe that the universe listens, and what do we we often think and talk about? We complain we aren’t thin and constantly talk about the excess weight, we want to win but we often talk about losing, we aspire to be our greatest selves yet we constantly think of our negatives.

The universe cannot help but get confused about our message. When our thoughts don’t match our feelings, the result is often bad. 

If you keep sending negative thoughts to the universe, it will keep adding negativity to your life because it thinks you asked for it. So you will still be stuck on that same weight, same boring job and you will constantly be worrying.

Why don’t we try and analyse our thoughts? If our negative thoughts can make us so miserable, just imagine what we can achieve just by sending out a positive message.

Think of the universe as a wish granting factory (sorry, Augustus Waters). Your thoughts are your wishes and the universe is simply turning them into reality. No, you cannot achieve something just by thinking about it. The universe is watching you sweat and learn and it knows when you deserve a reward and when you don’t. But the first step is to let the universe know about your wishes and dreams. 

You are attracting people and situations in your life and you can attract all the joy and success just by thinking about it. Tell the universe you want to win that event, meet someone new or achieve that thing you’ve dreaming of your whole life.

My biggest dream is to publish a novel and I am not just working on it but also believing in it one hundred percent. You will never find me doubting myself or my dream. It is my way of telling the universe that I have a dream which I believe in and that I also am ready to put in all the efforts.

So start changing your life by changing your thoughts. It won’t happen overnight and there will be days when you cannot think any good thought. Do not give up.

The universe will only give you something if you ask for it.

So ask the Universe. And ask right. 

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