Goodbye, 2017.

Tomorrow another year will end and another list of resolutions will be made. This time I’m more keen on saying a proper goodbye to 2017 before I allow the hustle bustle of a new year to arrive. Endings: they teach and remind us so many things.

This year was full of challenges and between all these challenges, a young girl was growing. Yes, I was growing and learning and trying to grasp everything the universe was throwing my way.

This year I received so many lessons wrapped up in fancy paper that I’m sure the universe indeed is busy conspiring and helping me become my best self. 

No, I won’t bore you with all the details, I’m sure your year was as eventful. Someone once told me to always pass on whatever little knowledge I have and I’m doing just that.

Here are a few lessons 2017 taught me.

  1. Always ask for something you really want. 

I started teaching this year! I teach creative writing at a cozy cafe and I also take reading sessions at various places. Do you want to know how I actually landed this beautiful job? Well I’m going to tell you anyway. I simply asked a friend of mine if I could do a reading session at a place she taught art and just like that I conducted my first session. I uploaded a few pictures on social media and just like that the universe sent another angel in my life who told me about the opportunity to teach writing at a library. As a girl who dreams of being a writer, I was beyond happy. Always ask because you never know when the answer will be yes. I’m nineteen and I have already started teaching. This was only possible because I took the courage to ask a very simple question. 

Christmas reading session

2. Live in the moment

Yes, live in this moment because the very next moment your life could change. I actually have witnessed this. This very moment is indeed your life and anything can happen in the next moment. Do what you love. Dream as big as you can. Laugh out loud. Make the most of present without worrying about future. 

This moment is your life. 

3. Learn to laugh during hard times

I always thought I would be the happiest when life was perfect. This year I realized there is no such thing as a perfect life. Hard times don’t just vanish away forever, they keep arriving like the waves. I decided I was going to be happy even during the bad times. Best decision I ever made. Your perspective towards something matters the most. Remember half full. Always.

Be merry. 

4. You’re not always going to be sure of what you want to do

I did a copy writing internship this year which was fantastic. Umm, okay, not so fantastic. I was so glad about the opportunity to work at an awesome firm but at the same time I realized I needed something which involved more of my imagination. I realized I needed to do a few more internships before I finally made a choice. This was the best thing this job taught me. It is absolutely fine to not get it right in the first shot. There is always time for confusion because that is when you actually make decisions based on what your heart truly wants.

Internship diary

5. Quality over quantity

When I was going through any difficulty, my family and a few of my close friends stood with me. I understood something so important. Most people are with you as long as your life is one big party. The party ends and there are a very few people holding garbage bags. Give importance to those who matter because they indeed form your little world.

fam ❤

6. You will lose that best friend

I know it is awful to lose someone so close but it will happen and you will get through it. We all lose friends when we grow up. You realize how you’re not thinking the same things as them and you slowly start seeing all the distance that suddenly seems to have appeared. Save that friendship but also know when to let go. Friendships like all other relationships are born with an expiry date. 

let it go.

7. You don’t need to be saved

Hey, if a girl who was adamant she was a lost princess when she was a kid says this, then there must be some truth in it. You don’t need a prince charming to shield you. You have all this strength and potential waiting to get noticed. There were actually certain moments when I was so proud of slaying the dragon rather than hiding in a corner waiting for help.

You’re enough. 


8. There is a lot of evil in this world but there is a lot of good too

This year I’ve been in circumstances where I’ve actually seen how despite all the evil that exists, there are many beautiful souls too. When Mumbai was drowning this year, I was stuck at a station then inside a train for hours. I saw how people can go out of their way to help a stranger. Be that person to someone, this world needs more good people. 

Obsessed with HIMYM

9. Grab those opportunities

I’m not telling you this because I made the most of all the opportunities which came my way but because I let go of so many of them. I let my own mind make me feel I was weak and inferior in so many situations because of which I watched so many opportunities pass me by. Next year, this is what I’m going to work on the most because I truly feel that opportunities come our way because of  a reason. 


10. Always believe in your dreams 

I always wanted to get my stories published and this year I actually saw it happening. I got my story published in a book, my article was published in the Teenager Today magazine, my work was celebrated on Terribly Tiny Tales not once but twice and there were so many other pages asking me to submit them my work. I haven’t achieved my dream completely but I can slowly see it turning into reality. I remember years ago, I was using markers to write something significant on the polaroid pictures and I wrote these words ‘Someday I’ll write and the world will read’. When I look at my life right now, I see it actually coming true. Always keep dreaming. There is nothing you cannot achieve. 

This picture always motivates me to turn my dreams into reality. 

I hope these lessons helped you in some way and do make your own list of lessons too. Let’s finish 2017 the right way so 2018 can be a whole lot better!

Goodbye 2017!






4 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2017.

  1. Someday you will write and the world will read and I am sure 2018 will make all this true. I love you and I love the way you have written this simple yet important post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ve a great gift of giving shape and form to your thoughts and emotions by writing about them. Such a gift is genuinely rare, make the best use of it!!! You’re blessed and talented, let 2018 be the year when you blossom into your destiny.

    Liked by 1 person

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