Sunita Saldhana’s Poetry!

A few weeks ago I attended a poetry workshop conducted by none other than the beautiful poetess herself, Sunita Saldhana.

I entered the cozy library where the workshop was being conducted and a smile started playing on my lips. I grew up in the same library. I spent hours browsing through books and I think even the people there were fed up of seeing my face every single day because I would finish a book in just twenty four hours. I’m still the same nerd, I’ve just exchanged my lip balms for lipsticks.

Just Books Library.

She was dressed in a simple white kurti but her red dupatta said everything about her personality. 

She is a strong woman who stands up for what she believes in, chases her dreams fearlessly and giggles like she hasn’t aged a single day since she turned nineteen.

She’s like one of the characters you read about in books. Yes, she is that wonderful and I always learn something from her.


Two other women were present there as well and after exchanging polite greetings, we started writing!

She taught us the basics and then all the important things.

The four of us talked about life, dreams and failures.

We talked about womanhood and the two women who were there to learn more about poetry just like me started talking about their lives.

One of them had stopped painting because her husband didn’t like the colors strewn everywhere and the other had stopped thinking about her own self since she got married.

The poetess stopped talking about poetry and spoke something poems should be written on.

She said it’s important to take out time for your own passions and dreams. We’re so much more than just sisters, daughters, mothers or wives. 


Her first poetry book also has various poems on this subject.

Poetry is nothing but the voice of your heart. It is a music that has the power to make you dance or weep. It is a person’s entire world and sometimes an entire life can exist in a poem.

There have been countless times when people weren’t there for me but poetry was. Poetry always was.

A world without poems would be like a world without rain or moon or anything beautiful with a soul. 

Her poems are beautiful and this book is a treasure. 

I learnt so much and someday I hope I can write as beautifully as her.

As long as I have poetry, I know I’ll be okay. 

And I got a signed copy!!!


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