The month of romance

I have always thought June to be the most romantic month of all because I think the raindrops are carriers of love. June is the umbrella shared by two people despite both of them having an umbrella. June is two people discovering their love for tea on a cold rainy evening and beginning their story with cups of ginger tea. June is looking at that person and knowing you want to look at that same face even after seventy monsoons. June is love. It is the month of romance and magic.

Here are a few of my quotes for your romantic heart.

  1. You never know when love is going to find you


2) Him.


3) A piece of advice from my father


4) Because no time spent with that certain someone is enough


5) To the one who will fall for me


6) That night….


7) Paradise


8) His angel


9) When Whiskey fell for Coffee


10) The moon is forever present in love stories.


Yoy can check out my Instagram page: @wordsbypriyanka for more quotes. Hope you find your true love this month of romance!

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