Baking workshop by Esha Fernandes

I have a baker’s soul. The flour on my apron, milkmaid spilling into the bowl like a waterfall of sweetness, vanilla essence traveling from the kitchen into the living room tickling my family and making them giggle with happiness, and the batter on the spatula waiting to be licked. I recently went for a baking workshop conducted by Esha Fernandes. 


I need to step out of my house and take less than ten steps to reach her cozy house. I rang the bell, and her dog, Buttercup, greeted me with a wag. Imagine spending a lazy rainy day in a home that smells like cupcakes and having the cutest dog asleep on the couch.

There was another girl present to learn cakes and the two of us were more than excited to learn baking.

Soon we were cutting apples, measuring walnuts, pouring milkmaid, rushing to the oven and taking all the measures to make our cakes perfect.

Esha started right from the basics and she explained everything not once, not twice, but thrice. I got to learn so much and she told us all the little things we should know to make our cakes lip smacking.



I think I was born with a desire to bake and Esha helped me get a little closer to the baker I dream of being. I think nothing acts as good a therapy as a little flour on the apron. 


The baking workshop lasted the entire afternoon and by tea time, we had all the five cakes and plenty of cupcakes lying on the table.



We got these beautiful boxes home with pieces of all the cakes with a recipe book as well.


They say,‘ Eat cake and be merry’. Esha definitely is a bubbly and warm soul. She calls herself the Heart Baker and I think it is a perfect name for her. Her cakes are not just made by two hands but the whole of her soul. 

Contact her if you too want to learn baking!

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