Solo Travel

Travelling is a boon to mankind. A single ticket and you’re off to explore the magic of a different land.  In today’s social media world, traveling is given a lot of importance. Everyone who is someone is busy vacationing at different spots. The craze has increased so much that people are quitting their jobs to be full-time travelers. It makes you want to know what exactly is so magical about traveling. You might not be a travel blogger but you can definitely be a traveler. Travelling doesn’t require much but promises to give back a lot.  A bag in one hand and a map in the other, join the community of travelers. All you need is a heart full of wanderlust.


We all are aware of solo travelling. It definitely is the rage today. But the famous Instagram hashtag ‘solo travel’ is so much more than a hashtag. Solo travelling is not merely a tick on the bucket list but rather a crucial stage in life. It teaches you a lot of things and helps you grow as a person.  People are taking leaves from office, writing notes to friends, picking up maps and leaving for beautiful destinations. Yes, solo traveling is that important. It is said to be one of the best experiences a person can have.

Solo travel is the kind of travel that touches your soul in a different way. It shouldn’t be a luxury but a necessity.  It should be a priority not something at the bottom of the list. The world has magic to offer but are you willing to take the first step?

Are you still confused about whether to take that solo trip? Take a look at these five reasons and you won’t be able to stop yourself from booking a ticket.

1)    Solo travel makes you independent

If traveling divides the work, solo travelling does the complete opposite.  Right from finding a local restaurant to building a tent to making a budget, you have to do it all. It makes you realize how you are capable of so much more. You start trusting your instincts and make wiser decisions because you have to clean the mess alone. You have to keep a track of the time and not let anything distract you. A minute here and there and you could miss your train. For the first time in life, you have to rely completely on yourself. If you’re stuck somewhere, you have to plan your own rescue. The very reason every individual should embark on a solo trip is that it makes you understand how you alone are responsible for your choices. If you get sunburnt, you have no one else to blame for not bringing the sunscreen along. It’s your own fault and that’s eye-opening.


2)    Gives you time to think about what truly matters

When you are solo travelling, you aren’t spending hours clicking selfies with a friend or discussing the weather with your family. You finally come face to face with silence.  It can be extremely daunting at first. We aren’t used to listening to our thoughts. Our fast city lives with a hundred honks every second make us forget we have an inner voice too. When you are on a solo trip, you have ample time to question the working of things. As you climb from one hill to another, you realize what truly matters in life. When you are out there in nature, you stop cribbing over deadlines and lost time. You learn to live in the moment. You start thinking of ways to spend time with people who matter. You finally know whom you want to spend the rest of your years with. When you listen to your soul, a path is directed to you. The human mind might be a map for all that matters. Guiding us to love and happiness. All that matters is that you remove yourself from the noise and listen to your own self.



3)    You form friendships of all kinds

When you’re solo travelling, most of the time is spent doing things alone but you do spend quite a lot of time talking to strangers. We all have social circles and we try to stay in that comfortable zone. Travelling teaches you the true meaning of friendship. It forces you to make friendships with people of all kinds even though you might not think them to be similar to you in any way. You could be sipping coffee next to an old lady and she might turn out to be someone you really needed. You form bonds with the locals and you promise to visit that place again just to meet them. The little kids who love stealing your camera become the ones you miss the most.  Travel teaches you that friendship exists beyond all differences. You don’t see the career or color or age of a person before befriending them. You leave on the trip alone but come home with your soul full of new friendships. When you are out there laughing with a stranger you feel you have known for years, nothing else matters.  Travelling truly makes you realize how beautiful and important friendships are.


4)    You realize the importance of self-love

You might be confused as to how travel teaches you self-love. We often hate ourselves. A lot of industries today would shut if we only learned to accept ourselves for who we are. We often think we are not good enough or strong enough or smart enough. Travel teaches you to accept yourself. When you are out there in charge of yourself, it helps to like yourself. When you see your legs carrying you after climbing mighty mountains, you forget about those thunder thighs and marvel at the strength of your legs instead. You stop caring about skin color and start being proud of how your mind is able to remove you from messy situations. When you see people in certain areas celebrating things you thought as flaws, you understand how beauty has no definition. You see yourself transforming into a more independent, responsible and kind person and you start falling for your own magic. You leave home worrying about a pimple and come back flaunting two of them. The same face you detested seeing in the mirror becomes the face that smiles back at you. Self-love? It might be the only thing that can save us.


5)    You become more confident

Solo travel not only teaches you independence but also instills confidence in you. You are forced to get out of your comfort zone and the result is more than rewarding. You start believing in yourself. You small talk with strangers, do things you wouldn’t have imagined doing, find the courage to try out new things and experiment way too much. It makes you feel in charge. You stop feeling scared and meek. You know how to go for exactly what you want. You start trusting yourself and find happiness in doing things your own way without waiting for help. When you accomplish something like talking to a large group of people or excel at something you thought you never could do, you automatically start feeling surer of yourself.  Confidence is a powerful tool in today’s world and something every individual must possess. A little confidence can take you to great places in life. Solo travel ups your confidence quotient and prepares you for the world.



6)    You will look at things differently

When you step outside the four walls and face the big world, your perspective on a lot of things changes.  You meet all kinds of people with all kinds of stories. You meet people who are unmarried at forty and people who are bringing up children at just twenty. You see people picking all sorts of careers and it gives you the courage to follow your dreams. You realize there is much more to life than paying bills. A heartbreak starts looking like a blessing. Bad grades stop haunting you. Opinions of others stop mattering.  Your fears die leaving you brave and strong. Unconventional ways start feeling more exciting. You even act differently with people. You understand that every person has an untold story and acts according to experiences. You stop fretting and getting upset over trivial things. You start looking at the bigger picture. Your thinking changes and mind broadens. You realize that if someone used 2+2 to get 4 does not mean you can’t add up the digits one and three to get the same answer.



Now that you know about all the benefits of solo-travel, it is time to pack your bags and leave your comfort zone. An adventure awaits you!




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