The art of healing

Life is like a rollercoaster. One moment you’re looking at the weeds and the next moment you’re staring at the moon. You can’t choose only the good parts, you have to go through a lot of rough days too.

I think all of us right now are going through something, only the size of the difficulty is different.

This little write up is for all of us who are trying to heal.

Life is like a buffet where all sorts of difficulties are served.

If you might be getting over a break-up, someone else might be having a financial crisis and someone might be fighting depression. There are all sorts of problems waiting to land on our plate and enter our world.

Here are a few ways to start healing

1. Feel the pain

You can’t shove that pain beneath your bones because that pain will literally chew out every last bone of yours and make its presence felt. The only way to let go of pain is to first welcome it. Embrace it and treat it as a friend. If you’re a good host, the pain will leave you a gift when it bids goodbye and that gift will be an important lesson.


2. Talk it out

How do you plan on healing if you won’t even accept that you need to heal? Start talking. You choose your listener but the talking must be done. That precious heart of yours can’t be filled with joy unless you let those sad memories fly away. When you open up your heart, it begins to heal.


3. Sweat it out

Most of us forget that our bodies and minds are connected. You can’t have a healthy mind until you have a healthy body. When you exercise, your mind benefits too. It makes you feel a little lighter and helps you focus on the problem with a stress-free mind. Even half an hour of exercise every day can help you become happier.


4. Do the things that make you happy

When you’re emotionally distressed, you don’t feel like doing much. But you have to make an attempt. Plan one thing every day which makes you happy. When you lose yourself in activities you enjoy, you start feeling better about the rest of the day too. You can’t heal if you stop listening to your mind. Your mind wants you to be happy so you’ll need to start creating the happiness little by little. 


5. Spend time with the right people 

People need people. In life, you will make a hundred friends. You’re lucky if even five of them are there for you when you’re going through a rough time. Your bruised soul needs the medication of love. Spend time with friends and family. When you’ll be sitting and laughing with them, you’ll realize that this too shall pass.


That heartbreak or illness or crisis is not going to last forever.

You will heal. You will find joy and love. You will feel whole again. 

Let go. You deserve peace.

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