You, me and depression- a love triangle 

You came into my life like the gentle breeze
Tapping on the wall around my soul
Asking me to let you in
So you could slowly water my dead parts
And bring me back to life
One kiss at a time
You fell in love with me
But little did you know there was more to me
You choosing me over her
Was not my victory but rather your fall
My depression dressed in blood red couldn’t bear to see my world rosy
She fell in love with you so you call fall out of love with me
If you were the gentle rain she was a storm waiting to destroy
And slowly a relationship of three began
You asked me for a date
She showed up
Spilling the drink, refusing the kiss, screaming on top of her lungs
Until you were left wondering
How yesterday the petals were blooming
Today only the thorns grew
Late at night when you’d call after the fifth glass of whiskey
She would call you home
Asking for a kiss
Never caring
That maybe I too needed a kiss on the stretch marks on my hips
I watched her tear you apart like she destroyed me
But my lips were sealed
I saw her going through your cell
Kissing another in front of your very face
Pushing you to your limits
Then asking you back with tears on her cheeks
I was there all along
Trying to scream
To save you
Heal you
Kiss you
Tonight you’re on a drive with her
I’m invisible in the back seat
The girl you thought you loved
Is held captive by a monster that looks exactly like her
Tonight you’re going on a date with my depression
I watch you slow dance with her and I fall apart gently
Just like you were supposed to heal me

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