Yoga as a way of life

It’s been four months since I started yoga again and these are the four things I have learned.
1) Whenever we do the balancing postures, I remember this lesson.
Balancing on your toes is definitely hard but what is even harder is doing the same pose while another person ahead of you keeps tripping. I’ve lost control so many times just because the person ahead of me was not able to maintain the pose. So I try to find a point such as a patch on the wall or the bottle kept on the table and I make it my point of focus. I tell myself that there is nothing here for me except for that point, and for that moment it becomes my universe. This helps me stay focused and maintain the balance. Life is so much like this.
If you pay attention to all the distraction, you will always stumble. But if you keep your eyes fixed on the goal, you will win.
2) I’m realizing the power of my mind. There are days when we have to stay in the same pose for three long chants and those days are tough. My body feels tired and all I want to do is lie down again. But here my mind decides to do the job. Earlier it used to ask me to leave the position and to rest. And I would do that. But now it asks me to try a little harder, hold for a little longer and to make my body stronger. And that is what I do. I stay in the same pose for 3 chants. This is the power of our mind.
Imagine what we can achieve if we only make our minds stronger. Your mental well being affects your physical health because it’s often in terms of our mind that we mostly fail.
3) Yoga has made me fall for myself. So many of us have so many insecurities and a lot of us don’t even like what we see in the mirror. Yoga made me realize how beautiful my body is. When I’m stretching to touch my feet, I realize how lucky I am to get a body that can bend in a way that relieves all of my stress. When I listen to my own breathing, I understand how the sole purpose of my body is to keep me alive. How can we ever hate our bodies? Those stretch marks and flabby bellies and other things we see as flaws make us who we are.
Each day I move to the rhythm of the universe and I fall for my body and soul.
4) The most difficult thing yoga is teaching me is to simply enjoy my solitude.
On some days we focus more on the mind than the body. We imagine our soul traveling through the universe or simply pay attention to the silence that exists both outside and within. We are all afraid of being alone. We are either catching up with friends or meeting people online. In such crazy times, we need our own self more than ever.
We need to be alone and enjoy it. We need to realize the power of our own soul. When I meditate, thousands of thoughts keep popping up in my mind, but I try my best to fight them. A little me time is good for the health. Yoga is teaching me that I’m enough. 
Yoga was the best thing that happened to me in 2018 and it will forever be my favorite thing.

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