Geithoorn- the water village of Netherlands

I did this summer the Dutch way and had the best month of my life. Netherlands took my breath away while teaching me how to breathe for all the right things in life- travel, books, food and loved ones!


Geithoorn is known as one of the most car free Dutch towns. The moment I got a glimpse of the first boat, I knew I was about to live a fairytale. The village boasts of beautiful canals full of boats that take you from one place to another.


Imagine a little village full of people taking out their boats and spending their time in nature. Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

Here even the houses make you feel you’re stuck in some story book. Sitting in the boat and catching glimpses of these houses was a treat to the eyes. Every single window was beautifully decorated and the gardens were full of blooming flowers that only made sipping tea there seem like a vacation in itself! The thatched roofs of the cottages make you want to wear a dress and go on a picnic with your forest friends!


Geithoorn has a population of just 2,620 people and is rightly called the Venice of Netherlands.


This quaint village isn’t completely devoid of roads. However, there are plenty of houses which cannot be reached without a boat. The footpaths are also a great way to see the village but you cannot truly experience it without sitting in a boat.

I’ve always loved fairy tales a little too much and Geithoorn made my dream true. However, the one thing that took away a little of its charm away was the many tourists. You can search videos of Geithoorn on Youtube and find it all empty. In reality, your boat is going to bump into ten others. I myself was a tourist and I know that we all want to see beautiful places. But I think maybe we can do our travel in a better way.

There were people entering the gates of the cottages. An old man was at his window watching so many people standing outside his house and clicking hundred pictures.

In a world where social media rules, there is a want for the best pictures. There is nothing wrong in taking some amazing ones. But we must respect the boundaries of others. The sight of the old man frowning in his living room reminded me that the places we go to see are the places where people actually have a life. Let’s never forget that.

Geithoorn stole my heart and a part of me will always remain in that boat. You can take a car from Amsterdam and reach there in an hour and a half. You can rely on the public transport as well which takes about two hours.


The one day trip gave me memories of a lifetime!

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